I am not able to solve JEE physics problems. How do I excel in physics?

  • I am not able to solve JEE physics problems. How do I excel in physics?

  • The first step of studying for IIT exam is to know your syllabus:


    Law of Motion
    Work Power Energy
    Rigid Body Dynamics and Rational Motion
    Fluid Mechanics
    Heat and Thermodynamics
    Kinetic Theory of Gases
    Waves and Oscillations
    Current Electricity
    Modern Physics
    Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Induction
    Make a schedule

    Make a plan of how many topics you have (you can) to cover every week, and stick to it!
    Dedicate at least 5 hours a day on weekdays and more on holidays for the year and you will get along just fine.
    Make a list of all the topics that scare you the most and make it a point to practice them everyday. This will help you grasp the topic and also reduce your fear against them.
    Don’t procrastinate.

    While preparing it is a given you will have doubts, please do not hesitate from asking your doubts (no matter how small they may be).

    By the last week of July this year you will be able to ask your doubts related to JEE Physics on Doubtnut.

    All you will have to do is click a picture of your question and upload it on Doubtnut app, answer will be provided to you instantly.

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    It’s going to be tough, but it will be worth it!

  • Physics has always been one of the most interesting subjects in IIT JEE and other engineering entrance exams preparation. A survey was conducted in 10 IIT’samongst the IIT students who cleared IIT JEE. The results clearly tilted in favor of physics as around 50% of students consider physics as the most interesting subject under IIT JEE. Physics is followed by mathematics 30% and the chemistry 20%A total of 30 questions out of 120 marks have always been asked in JEE Main. Here, I am providing some important tips and tricks which will help jee aspirants  to score maximum marks in JEE Main Here are the study tips to master physics for JEE.1.  Your prime focus should be to understand the basics concept of the subject rather than memorizing the formulas.2.  Pay attention especially to the derivations because complicated questions can be solved using the basics only.3.  Try to visualize topics especially in class 12thtopics electrodynamics, optics, and modern physics. They are the scoring areas you too.4.  I never solved H.C. Verma but every teacher recommends it so you can start of with it.5.  For JEE advanced problems you can go for Arihantseries or Cengage series (I did both of them). Best Reference Books for JEEgiven below6.  But the best way to master physics is by solving your coaching institute material because they provide you with compact package high-quality questions.7.  Attempt past year questions in the later stages of our JEE preparation only.2.

    Self-study through video lectures or quality e-books will help to do better.   Continuously track your performance & work over the weak topics IIT JEE Physics demands a different approach and a separate methodology. Hence, a regular revision will make you confident to tackle such type of problems with much better speed and accuracy as these abilities will play a significant role in the success of students in this competitive exam.  Important chapters for IIT JEE PhysicsThe JEE Main 2020preparation for Physics must include these topics as every mark counts and these topics count too.1. Magnetics-. JEEMain in 40 Days book by ARIHANT, Understanding Physics for JEE Main are books that will help you sail through2. electromagnetic induction and AC- numerical problems from this topic are asked in JEEMain. Brush up Faraday’s Law while studying this. Cover the concepts of Physics H C Verma to get better in this topic.
    Current Electricity-Ohm’s law, color code for resistors, characteristic of ohmic and nonohmicconductors are topics that need to be emphasized on. Use Concepts ofPhysics by H C Verma to get better in this topic.

    1. Waves- Topics like principle of superposition of waves, simple harmonic motion (S.H.M) and itsequation, Doppler Effect in sound are scoring topics. Give some more importance to the last but not least the topics given below are not placed very high in the reading order but it is always advisable to read them at least once and know the concepts.• Physics and measurement•Dual nature of matter and radiation•Communication system•Gravitation•KTG Best books for IIT JEE PhysicsThese are the best books for Physics that will help you in your preparation for JEE Mains:
      1.  HC Verma – Concepts of Physics (Part I and 2)
      2.  IIT JEEPhysics by DC Pandey
      3.  Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
      4.  Physics book for IIT-JEE- Resnick, Halliday, Walker.
      5.  Problems Physics- S.S. Krotov
      6.  37 years previous year question bank.

    Hope this helps.
    Cheers and Love

  • Go through the following step by step :

    • Read the material from some basic book. Good start could be DC Pandey Books available for Individual Topics in the subject. Also go through texts and lectures available online on the Doubtnut app. If you have some coaching center packages go through the theory in that too.

    • Now, you’re confident and you can delve into the world of problems . Do not begin with the difficult one’s go for the easy ones first try to keep things versatile with varied focus on different types of questions from some books that you like.

    • Do not stop here. To get better go for the Irodov Problems, Krotov Problems, Problems from previous years papers, Problems of high difficulty from mock tests. Once, you’re convinced go for the next topic.

    • Do not forget to finish it all early so that you can begin a real revision with all topics together. Also, to keep in touch with the topics studied earlier you can subscribe to Magazines like MTG,Arihant etc. to revise the old topics at any time. These usually have moderate revision material and help improve speed and accuracy.

    If you have any doubts feel free to use our Doubtnut app, which will provide you with instant solutions to your problems.

    Good Luck!

  • To make your way into the top tier colleges in India after clearing JEE Mains and Advance, JEE aspirants are required to prepare for every subject with upmost dedication and equally hard work. . For an Ideal situation you have to devote equal time span on all three subject, but you can not expect yourself to be equally good at every subject, this is the reason it has been said that “ to crack IIT hard work is just not enough, you have to be a smart worker”. Believing you know everything might hurt your chances of getting into these prestigious colleges, which is why, I believe, you can not be arrogant towards your ways of preparation, you must keep updating yourself with knowledge and different methods suggested by different people, you don’t have to chose their ways but, you have to be updated with them.

    You can find yourself behind in some subject and it could be, Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics but the key is to focus on your week part, denote a big share of your time studying the subject that troubles you and with consistency you will find your way to make that subject easier for you.

    Now lets talk about some of your Physics preparation.

    Practicing every concept with dedication can bring you the point where you can do justice to the subject, books are certainly the best way to overcome any doubt you have and help you buid the rhythm, confidence and foundation you need to prepare the subject better,

    Here are some books which I believe could be an asset for your preparation

    Concepts of Physics by HC Verma Vol-1 and Vol-2 : These books really helps students at the beginners level, where they are new to concepts and problems, questions in these books aren’t really helpful to get you through JEE but if you are looking to build a rhythm for you then surely these can help you into making a good routine for yourself

    Understanding Physics of ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM: DC Pandey is the author of this wonderful book and by far it has been the best ranked book by the topers.

    Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced OPTICS & MODERN PHYSICS by DC Pandey: DC Pandey has written books for different specific topics and for optics and modern physics This has to be one of the best book available in the market

    Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced WAVES & THERMODYNAMICS: If your waves and thermodynamics are struggling and you are looking for a book which can not only give you quality questions but will also provide you with enough text for concept clearing then I believe DC Pandey is the answer for you

    Concepts of Modern Physics (SIE): This book is authored by Arthur, Sobita Mahajan and S. Rai Choudhury, this book without a doubt has to be a must have book for JEE aspirants, no other book I believe explains the concept of modern physics better than this.

    Physics Vol-1 and Vol-2 : written by Resnick Halliday this is a great book for theory and non trivial problems and without any doubt has to be one of the best book available.

    These books will surely help you with your preparation but preparing for this you are bound to face some problems and difficulties while attempting questions from such advance books, and not regular solutions to these might hurt your chances and preparation.

    What can be the solution to overcome this particular problem?

    Doubtnut I believe can be the answer to this problem, doubtnut provides the best education service online and many students were benefitted by this particular portal.

    Doubtnut is a free education portal and it provides the best video solutions and conceptual videos absolutely free of cost, for any doubt, you just have to click a picture and upload it on the portal and within seconds you will receive the best video solution. You can also use Doubtnut Whatsapp Assistance on the phone number 8400400400 to get the best solution instantly within seconds.

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