How good is NIT Kurukshetra's IT placements?

  • How good is NIT Kurukshetra's IT placements?

  • NIT Kurukshetra is one of the NIT that secures its place in top NITs of India. NIT Kurukshetra is the NIT well known for its quality education, good placements, rocking social life etc.

    And when it comes to the placements provided by NIT Kurukshetra, then no doubt the placements are awesome.

    And especially computer science placements rocks here

    So, before I tell you the highest ever package offered in NIT Kurukshetra in CSE, you should have a glance of various placements stats from its official site:-





    So, the average package offered in NIT Kurukshetra for computer science branch is approx 11.79 lakhs per annum.

    And the highest package offered in computer science here was 39 lakhs per annum.

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