What are the best ways to prepare for class 10th board exam (CBSE)?

  • What are the best ways to prepare for class 10th board exam (CBSE)?

  • Here are some tips and tricks that might help you to prepare for class 10 CBSE exams and will surely help you score more.

    Make a time table based on the exam date sheet: The exam date sheet comes a month before the exams. So the revision schedule must be made according to the amount of gap that you find between each exam. So the exam with the minimum gap should be studied first and then the subjects which you think are weak or you need practice, target them.
    How to write answers in the exam: The answers should be written in order and all the answers have to be presented nicely. You don’t want to lose marks because the examiner couldn’t find your answer or he could not understand what you wrote.
    Revision one day before exam: So this is the thing which most children might have in mind. You do not need to revise each and everything which is there to study. You just need to revise the important things and the questions which you get quite often in boards. That should be enough for you.
    If you want more tips watch this Doubtnut video:

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