Which is the best book for physics for the JEE?

  • Which is the best book for physics for the JEE?

  • Hello! The following are the details you needed regarding each book listed in your question:

    RESNICK HALLIDAY- This book has two parts, Volume I and Volume II

    • This book is known as the BIBLE OF PHYSICS as this book is better than any other book in terms of theory. So if you want to learn physics and make your base strong,than this is the book for you.

    • But some problems with this book are that the language is pretty tough and tricky. And the the numericals are not upto the mark for the standards of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

    • But if you theory is strong then you can pretty much solve any numerical on the basis of concept.

    H C VERMA - H C VERMA has 2 books in total.

    VOLUME I- It covers topics of class 11th, which include topics like waves, mechanics, motion etc.
    VOLUME II- It covers topics of class 12th like electrostatics and magnetic field etc.

    • One of the plus points of this book is that you might find the examples given in this books pretty relatable.

    • In terms of the theory, it might not be the the best books in market , but the quality of questions are really good and would be really helpful for your exams.

    • Bear in mind, if your theory is weak then you should probably follow a book with strong theory section.

    • Now, if you’re looking for a book with difficult questions and not theory, then I E IRODOV and S S KROTOV are the books for you.

    Hope this helped.

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