Can I prepare for JEE in just one year?

  • Can I prepare for JEE in just one year?

  • Hey dude!

    You can surely get prepared to face JEE in just one year. In fact, one year is more than sufficient for JEE. But you can achieve a good rank only if you are willing to do hard work along with smart work and strong dedication. After all, JEE is the most reputed engineering entrance exam in our country so it’s level is obviously kept on upper side.

    Well, brother I am going to give you some tips that can be very much helpful in your JEE preparation. So, without creating much suspense, let's start.

    Start from Class XI: It’s always advisable to start the preparation from class XI, as you’ve opted your stream and you’re aware if you’ll be taking JEE Main. Starting in XI will also save you from taking a drop after XII as two years are more than for a good preparation.

    Be thorough with your concepts: It is very important for students to keep their concepts clear, as the questions can be set in any manner. With clear concepts, students can also tackle twisted questions.

    Practice Exam Oriented Questions: Candidates must practice exam oriented questions after the learning process, since the aim is to crack the exam.

    Get Good Study Material: Each book uses different methodology of explaining concepts. Some books offer simple explanations while some use technical jargon. Candidates should use books best suited for them with a language which they’re comfortable with.

    Practice Sample Papers: Sample papers are the blueprints of actual paper which familiarize students with the exam pattern, difficulty level, important topics that have been repeated over the years, marking scheme and time limitation. Hence, Sample Papers or Previous Year Question Papers must be practiced by students.

    Well, these tips could be very much helpful but still you can watch the following attached video made by Doubtnut on 1 year awesome strategy for JEE:-

  • Yes. you can prepare for JEE in just one year and get a good rank score in the JEE .you just need proper guidance, work hard with consistency and follow smart strategy and plan. There have been many average students who cleared JEE Mains with a good score.
    If you are very curious about How To Prepare For Jee Main in one year then I am here to provide you with some good important tips and techniques. JEE Main is one of the most popular and important examinations in India and the competition these exams hold is tremendous and why not. Through JEE Main Examination you can get direct admission to the IITs and nits of the nation.

    Here are some preparation tips to crack the IIT entrance exam in 1 year:
    • Your best study comes in silence, so get rid of all the distraction that disturbs you in studies. Build up your interest in all the subjects, PCM, equally.
    • Work on your concepts and basics so that you will be able to solve every type of question in the exam. You can use Feynman techniques to get in-depth knowledge and understanding of any concept or topic. You should be aware of basic concepts before knowing the complex ones. A new concept delivered in a way that builds upon existing topics or concepts is easier to make sense of and retain.
    • Study every example carefully. They help you to relate concepts to actual-world things. Also, you can understand the theory better with the help of examples.
    • Break down the topics and chapters into several parts. Learn one by one first Visualise things. Draw diagrams to understand the concepts well.
    • Make problem-solving your habit. Spend some time every day in solving some problems. Only learning the theory will get you nowhere. You have to reach to the solution in the fastest possible time. Learn to apply tricks in solving problems.
    • Balance Speed and Accuracy.
    • Don’t mug up things. Don't cram unless it’s some chemistry part or basic formulas. Note down the important terms that you are not understanding. Search online or ask your teacher or friends to explain them to you.
    • Make short notes from day one of your preparation. Having self-made notes is one of the best assets in clearing JEE mains. Make notes of important terms, important, question formulae, reactions, mistakes while solving problems, etc. Include your own shortcuts and tricks.
    • Time management is very important to clear the JEE Mains exam. To manage time well, you need to solve mock tests. In your tests and exams, attempt that subject first in which you are most comfortable. Prepare an exam strategy and stick to it during mock tests and the JEE Mains exam. You should also know the correct way to practice the problems.
    • Just remember consistency is the key. Instead of studying all night one day and sleeping on the other day, it is better to study for equal hours on both days.
    • Start revising early. Make a specific revision slot in your JEE preparation schedule. For efficient preparation, consistent revision is very necessary.
    • Always clear your doubts and questions. Don’t hesitate to ask someone who knows that topic or subject well. [IIT qualified experienced teachers are available at the comfort of your home through the internet].
    • Take small breaks from studying to refresh your body.studing for long hours without break will take you nowhere.
    • Take proper sleep while preparing for jee mains. Take minimum 6-hour sleep daily
    • Take a healthy diet during your preparation for jee mains
    • Be smart about your goals and strategy. It’s okay to make mistakes but be smart enough to learn from those mistakes.
    • Don’t panic and stay calm during tough situations
    • Spend some time in your hobbies also like playing games or watching movies. They are equally important to you.
    Good luck

  • Chemistry can be an overwhelming subject for a class 12th student and a JEE aspirant, as this subject is formed using several small details put together in a complicated way with very intricate topics. Chemistry, by far, is the most explored subject of science, and has been one of a most important factor in the betterment of the mankind. In every instance of life chemistry is the most useful subject, even if we consider its everyday application of conceptual knowledge, and most of these conceptual knowledge can be mastered by just referring to class 12th chemistry books along with preparing for exams, and it can be CBSE board exam or even prestigious exam like JEE Mains.

    It is really nice to see that you have set a really optimistic goal for yourself, yes, chemistry is the easiest subject out of the three but scoring 100 plus in chemistry is definitely easy, some complex topics usually end up confusing you and affect your marks majorly. But, again it is not easy but with right approach and good amount of hardwork you can certainly achieve this.

    90 percent of the Chemistry paper is made from NCERT questions without much change, and the rest 10 percent is also doable if you have studied even the NCERT book again again and revised it properly, there are mostly straightforward question, that do not take much time of the students and are easily doable but still these questions are relatively easy not extremely easy, there for while preparing for it you must give the subject, the respect it deserves, I am mentioning some tips which, I believe can help you prepare for the subject in a better way.

    Know your strength.

    It is really important to attempt questions which you are absolutely sure of in chemistry because guess work will only harm you which is why you really need to focus on topics you are sure of, from Physical to organic to inorganic, just make sure to give your best on the topic you are best at, this will save you from negative marking which hurt more than not knowing.

    Time Management

    It is the key while attempting an JEE exam, if you are efficient enough with chemistry just make sure not to spend much time over it because the time saved here can be used to attempt lengthy questions of maths and physics, and while preparing, I would suggest to give chemistry at least 2 hours a day of all study time.

    Books and important topics

    To score good in chemistry the most relevent material can be found in books of OP Tondon, KS Verma, P Bahadur’s organic Chemistry, and above all NCERT is the must have book for chemistry , these books are good and would definitely help you get a better score.

    Also give a closer look on topics like equilibrium, chemical kinetics, thermo, atomic structure, In Organic chemistry Mechanism of a reaction is very important. You have to read line by line chapters like s,p,d,f block, metallurgy, polymers, biomolecules, chemistry in everyday life.

    When you are studying these chapters and solving problems, you are bound to get some doubts or queries and you might get stressed when you feel you have hit a wall on some topics.

    But there is no need to be stressed about it because you can get solutions to the questions NCERT books from our Doubtnut app and clear your doubts or queries through us or by going to our Doubtnut website. There you can find better study material, mock tests, sample papers and previous year papers with their solutions.

    Through our Doubtnut app you can get video solution to all your doubts within seconds, you just need to click a picture of your doubt and send it to us and we will provide you with the solution instantly.

    We at Doubtnut are always there to solve your doubts

    All the best !!!

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