What is the average salary payments for IIT Kharagpur EEE students?

  • What is the average salary payments for IIT Kharagpur EEE students?

  • The Phase 1 placements of IIT Kharagpur completed on December 14, 2018. A total number of 192 companies participated in the campus recruitment process and made1,275 offers.IIT Kharagpur placement process for the graduating batch of 2018-19 has commenced on a positive note.

    The Phase 1 placement process of IIT Kharagpur, which began on December 01, 2018, witnessed the participation of popular companies and lucrative job offers. On Day 1 of IIT Kharagpur placements, close to 400 job offers were made to students.

    So far,362 companies have registered for IIT Kharagpur placements 2018-19, and are offering jobs in almost 618 job profiles.Out of 400 offers made to students on Day 1,256 were PPOs (Pre-PlacementOffers). Qualcomm and Microsoft dominated the Day 1 placement at IIT Kharagpur with 21offers.On Day 1 of IIT Kharagpur placements 2018-19, 12 international offers were made to students by popular companies such as Microsoft (4 offers) and Mercury Japan (6 offers).

    Over 16 new companies participated in IIT Kharagpur Day placements 2018-19, and some of them were Bidgely, Blackrock, AB InBev and ARPWood Capital.

    Japanese Firms Dominate IIT Kharagpur International Placements 2018-19By the end of the sixth day of IIT Kharagpur placements 2018-19, Japan emerged as the top international recruiter with the maximum number of offers. So far, various international companies made 23 offers to IIT Kharagpurstudents, out of which 11 offers were made by four Japanese companies. Rakuten is another Japanese firm that will take place in IIT Kharagpur placements 2018-19.

    A total of five Japanese companies are expected to make 50% of international offers to IIT Kharagpur students this year.German companies participated in IIT Kharagpur placements for the first time with two international offers.The total number of companies that took part in IIT Kharagpur placements2018-19 in the first six days was 112. The total number of offers crossed 1,000 in the first six days, which is the highest among the older IITs.

    IIT Kharagpur Phase 1 Sector-Wise Placements 2018-19

    Here is the complete break-up of IIT Kharagpur sector-wise placements 2018-19

    Top Recruiters at IIT Kharagpur Phase 1 Placements 2018-19

    Here is the list of top recruiters at IIT Kharagpur phase 1 placements 2018-19

    Around 33 startups recruited IIT Kharagpur students. Other popular companies such as Flipkart, Oyo, Ola and Zomato visited the campus in the first week of December 2018.

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