Is there some WhatsApp group in which students can exchange doubts on maths of the JEE?

  • Is there some WhatsApp group in which students can exchange doubts on maths of the JEE?

  • WhatsApp has proven to be a great source of information and sharing data too, however I would not recommend joining any group for JEE preparation as a WhatsApp group will create more distractions and will also lead to more conversations that might not be related to JEE preparation.

    A WhatsApp group in my experience is only helpful for a couple of days and later on it sidetracks from the original purpose for which it was created.

    Let me share my experience with you,

    Last year I joined a WhatsApp group for amateur bakers, the purpose of the group was to share baking tips and recipes and places where the ingredients and equipment can be bought.

    The group proved to be helpful for about 2 weeks and became totally useless after that as people started marketing their own businesses, from a platform for sharing information it became a platform for advertising.

    I understand the convenience that WhatsApp offers, therefore I am sharing a WhatsApp number that will help you with your JEE doubts.


    All you have to do is take a picture of your question and send it on the above mentioned number, answer will be provided to you by Doubtnut instantly.

    This service is absolutely free.
    doubtnut whatsapp.jpg

    Doubtnut also has an app, at the moment Doubtnut only provides solution for maths, but by the end of July this year chemistry and physics solutions will also be available on Doubtnut app.

    Good Luck!

  • Hey dude!

    You are definitely in the right place. I know the best WhatsApp bot which can provide you the best possible video solutions of the maths doubts even up to JEE Advanced level. Actually, nowadays, WhatsApp has also jumped in the field of education. Nobody could imagine that even the world’s most popular social messaging app can be used for educational purposes also. But that’s happening nowadays. Actually, this WhatsApp bot is operated by India’s best doubt solving app Doubtnut. It has recently launched the Whatsapp number of that bot about which I am talking. That magic number is 8–4–0–0–4–0–0–4–0–0. You have to just click the picture of your maths doubt clearly and send that picture to the WhatsApp bot on this number mentioned above. And that Whatsapp bot will instantly provide you the best possible video solutions to that question. Actually, I myself have tried this feature. Only then I am suggesting to you. This bot is activated 24/7. Here is the result what I got from this bot:-


    I will surely recommend you all to use this very useful WhatsApp bot feature to get your difficult maths doubt instantly solved 🙂

  • Heya!

    There are a number of online platforms which have been designed to solve doubts.

    Doubts are the biggest hindrance in the learning process. They need to be solved instantly in order to continue with the flow of learning.

    Doubtnut can be your doubt solving companion.

    There is a Doubtnut Whatsapp group where anyone seeking for getting their maths doubts solved can join. The thing is , there is unnecessary traffic on these whatsapp group which is kind of a waste of time.

    so, Doubtnut has also launched a whatsapp bot. Whenever you face a doubt, just click its photo and send it on the following number:

    8400 400 400

    A whatsapp bot will reply you with a video solution of your query. Whatsapp bot feature is for maths only.

    Here is a demo:


    Good Luck!

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