Is tuition needed to crack the IIT JEE?

  • Is tuition needed to crack the IIT JEE?

  • No, tuitions are not necessary to crack IIT jEE but definitely are helpful.

    If you think you can strategize and work hard for hours, without giving in into distraction, you should probably not join any coachings/tuitions as it it will save your time.

    But, if you think, you constantly need someone to tell you what to do, then go for coachings / tuitions, as they are gonna give you guidance and strategy thus giving you the right direction.

    In case you’re not joining any coachings, keep the following points in mind:

    • Continuity is the key.

    • Study everyday. Decide a target and achieve it everyday. Don’t take long vacations and breaks which interrupt your schedule .

    • Set aside atleast 5–6 hours a day for homework and revision etc.

    • The number classes a Kota student attends in 11th standard are -

    physics: 140 classes



    • So basically, every class being of a duration of 1.5 hours and more, that student spends more than 600 hours a year learning concepts in class and discussing homework.

    • If you’re studying on your own, then you should spend atleast 600 hours a year learning theory and doing examples.

    • Remember, you need to set aside 5–6 hours a day apart from the aforementioned hours to revise and to do homework.If your target is completed before 5–6 hours, then you can cut short on these hours, but make sure don’t compromise on the 600 hours of the year.

    • Get hold of the best books, and study hard, solve lots and lots of previous year question papers.

    • Revise regularly.

    Hope this helped.

    All the best!!

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