Can anyone crack JEE without coaching? How?

  • Can anyone crack JEE without coaching? How?

  • I would highly recommend you to join some coaching classes if you are looking forward to get a good rank in the JEE exam.That will make things easier for you. But to answer your question, yes, I have seen many students clear the JEE exams without coaching and get a good rank. There are ways to do that. You should just be ready to put in all the work that will be required to clear the exam. Here are some pointers that might help:

    • NCERT books: For any subject, you need to solve your NCERT books first. They will form a good base for you. You need to have a good base because the JEE exam is going to test your depth of basics. You cannot afford to have a weak base. So go for NCERT books first.

    • Solve the right question banks: Once you are done with with building your base, You need to pick some right books that will help you to solve questions at the JEE level and give you a good amount of practice and a large questions domain. So in my opinion, solve the Arihant and Cengage Publication books for math and HC Verma and DC Pnadey for physics. If you have any doubts in any of the questions in maths, just take a snap of the question and upload it on the Doubtnut app, You will receive a video solution of the question within seconds.

    • Previous year papers: After solving the question banks, you are at the JEE level and all you need to do is build up on what is the pattern of the question paper and how do they ask questions. You need to know the difficulty of the questions and the areas they target the most. So solving the previous year papers is the best way to do so.

    • Mock test papers: There are a lot of sites which give online mock test papers. You need to solve as many of them as possible to know your strengths and weaknesses and know where you stand right know when compared to others. This is important if you are looking to boost your score.

    • Analyze your mistakes and time: Once you are done with a mock test paper, check your time and the number of questions you left and got wrong. Solve those questions again. If you still get them wring, upload them on Doubtnut and see the solution to those, but do not leave that question.

    I think that should be all the self study you need to clear the exam.

    I hope it helps. All the best.

  • Yes, ofcourse it’s possible to crack JEE without any coachings.

    Let me list down my suggestions for you to start preparing for IIT JEE :

    • Class 11th is very important for the preparation of JEE Mains and Advanced exams. So make sure your mental as well physical health support you and are in good condition.

    • Continuity is the key. You’ll have to study everyday. Decide a target and achieve it everyday. Try not to take long vacations and breaks which interrupt your schedule .

    • Set aside atleast 5–6 hours a day for homework and revision etc.

    • Now, let’s look at the number classes a Kota student attends in 11th standard-
      physics: 140 classes

    So basically, every class being of a duration of 1.5 hours and more, that student spends more than 600 hours a year learning concepts in class and discussing homework.

    • If you’re studying on your own, then you should spend atleast 600 hours a year learning theory and doing examples. Remember, you need to set aside 5–6 hours a day apart from the aforementioned hours to revise and to do homework.

    • If your target is completed before 5–6 hours, then you can cut short on these hours, but make sure don’t compromise on the 600 hours of the year

    Now let’s talk about the books you should refer to and how to go about them:


    BOOKS: Arihant publications (6 books) and Cengage publications (5 books) are designed in way to help you study on your own. Try to refer to books from one of these publications.

    BASICS: Modulus, greatest integer function, logarithm, Inequality are some chapters which are taught in 11th standard to develop a base for mathematics . So focus on them, you can’t skip these chapters at any cost.

    COORDINATE GEOMETRY: It has 5 chapters + basic knowledge of coordinate geometry. This section is purely formula based. And this is the most scoring section of all. Make sure you cover parabola, ellipse, hyperbola thoroughly.

    TRIGONOMETRY: Every year, 2 direct questions come from this section apart from the trigonometry used in other chapters.

    ALGEBRA: Formulae and logic are the key to crack questions from algebra. every year atleast 8 question come from 11th standard algebra.

    • Make sure you do atleast 200–250 questions of every chapter.


    BOOKS: H C VERMA, D C PANDEY and B M SHARMA are 3 books with good questions for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. D C PANDEY is preferred more as both theory and numericals are explained well.

    BASICS: It includes units and dimensions +mathematical tools which will form the basics for the rest of the chapters.

    MECHANICS: Try to study chapters from MOTION to RBD together, as these chapter are interlinked.

    • Since mechanics is a tough section, go for comparatively easier chapter after doing it. Eg: Thermal, fluid dynamics, elasticity , simple harmonic motion, surface tension KTG etc. These are the easiest and most scoring of all chapters in 11th standard physics.

    • At last, you should study string and sound wave. Try to study SHM at last and then do this section as they are again interlinked.

    • Again practice 200+ questions.


    BOOKS: For inorganic section, NCERT would be enough . For organic, there’s not much to study in 11th, so try to get a reading material from any coaching centre. For theory of organic and inorganic, NCERT would be sufficient, but for practice you can go for O P TANDON
    The most important part of 11th standard chemistry is Physical chemistry as it used in 12th again. NCERT along with P Bahadur( For numericals) is enough to cover physical chemistry.
    Physical chem can only be aced by doing numericals which should be practiced again and again. It’s hard to score in physcical in JEE, so try to make it your strong point in 11th itself and keep revising it again and again.

    Some more pointers to take note of:

    Use the time gap between 11th and 12th.

    Take tests, and try to do better than previous time.

    Try not to waste time, but that doesn’t mean you stop having fun and study day and night. Use your time wisely.

    Talk to teachers regularly, try to seek guidance from them every now and then.

    Hope this helped.

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