What are the ways to get good marks in Chemistry for an average student?

  • What are the ways to get good marks in Chemistry for an average student?

  • Hey guys!

    I will be bold and say it. Chemistry is the most scoring area of JEE examination. Many students are able to comfortably clear the JEE cut-off, due to good performance in this subject alone, and by being above average in the other two.

    I always advise JEE aspirants to make Chemistry one of their strong subjects. Why? The reasons are simple.

    In Chemistry section, JEE asks mainly straightforward questions and the difficulty level is low. That makes it one of the highly scoring subjects each year.
    On an average, of the three subjects, you can finish the questions from Chemistry in the shortest amount of time. Every second you save will help you in Physics and Maths.
    Apart from Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry, this subject is almost independent of the others, whereas, Physics and Maths depend on each other a lot.
    So, just follow these 8 simple tips. They can go a long way in improving your score in JEE chemistry.

    1. Use the relevant material.

    Always remember, Less is More.

    A lot of students waste their time on books that are too difficult or not relevant for the JEE. There is no need to master Atkins Physical Chemistry, or those 800+ pages books, that fill your brain with so much material, that you can not retain anything at all.

    There is limited time, and it is better to read one or two books 5 times than reading 5 books once or less.

    Start with the NCERTs, and keep only one reference book for every section.

    1. Understand the MOLE

    A lot of students ignore the mole or give up way too easily. Mole plays a very important role in most of Physical Chemistry. If you understand it well, you will solve most problems easily.

    1. Practice Problems Daily

    A lot of people are good at Chemistry because they retain well. And retention comes by practice. Often Chemistry questions are repeated with slight change in numerical values. Make it a habit of solving about 50 objective questions daily. You can pick a topic or mix them up from different sections. Just be sure, that you finish the test in less than 40 mins.

    1. Manage Your Time

    Chemistry paper is all about proper planning. You have to spend the least amount of time to get the maximum marks. Do not divide your time in the JEE exam into 1 hour equally for all subjects. Try to finish chemistry in less than 40 mins. The extra time you save here will be used in mathematics, where the paper usually contains lengthy questions. And you can achieve this only by practice. Set your timer for 30-40 minutes, every time you take a chemistry test.

    1. Analyze the options

    Before you use your pen, think about the options. This is especially helpful in organic and inorganic sections. Can you eliminate a few answers? Practice this. Soon you will find, this method works beautifully, and you get answers without fully solving the questions.

    1. Use approximations in Physical Chemistry

    Tell me, what is 22.9 x 10.3 = ?
    Before you find out the exact answer, we can say that it is going to be nearly equal to 23 x 10. Can’t we?

    JEE is not checking your math skills in the chemistry paper.
    Remember that this is a race against time. Unless the options are really close to each other, it is better to get an approximate answer and pick the closest option. This will help you increase your speed and let you save those extra crucial minutes.

    1. Past year Papers

    Past year papers give a taste of the real exam. Do them with a timer. Practice to finish the chemistry section in less than 4o minutes. Review your answers. Analyze your weak areas and work upon them. You can identify different types of ideas on which questions are based.

    1. Relax and Hit Chemistry Section First

    This is my success mantra. Our brain performs the best when it is relaxed. Stay calm, and attempt Chemistry section before Physics and Maths. Even if you are really good in Physics or Maths, try this method. The brain goes into panic mode when it sees only half an hour left and entire Chemistry paper to finish. It can be done but we want to avoid that. It is better to gain the extra advantage early on than to run fast when you are tired 2 hours later.

    You can watch the following video for further help:)

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