What are some advice for IIT JEE preparation?

  • What are some advice for IIT JEE preparation?

  • Well,buddy

    As we all know that IIT JEE is one of the prestigious exam all over the India for engineering aspirants.

    Getting into IITs is the dream of many engineering aspirants and its the dream that boosts their confidence to crack JEE and be in IITs.

    If you think IIT is too tough and only genius can crack the exam, then you are in wrong direction. For this purpose I advice you to study the success stories of IITians who have cracked it.

    Major issue faced by aspirants is proper time management. Give equal importance to all three subjects. Say NO to postpone things. Create a time table and stick to it.

    Timely revision and practice is a must. If you don't practice problems then it becomes difficult for you to solve the JEE problems. Give equal importance for studying and practicing problems.

    Some of the tips are following:

    Study 5–8 hours daily(min. 4). Seriously without hard work you can't get success.
    Your studies should be smart. You should not spent much time on topics which are asked very rarely.
    Do revision on each sunday. This is the basic funda of all toppers.
    Do more and more papers. This will increase your speed and tell you your weak topics.
    Join a test series of any coaching like resonance, bansal, Allen, etc.(but not fiitjee). This will increase your confidence.
    Before attempting the paper, make your strategy ready. Like with which subject you are going to start and which subject you are going to attempt in last.

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