How do I maintain a good CGPA at NIT, Trichy in my first year?

  • How do I maintain a good CGPA at NIT, Trichy in my first year?

  • To score 8.5+ SGPA you need to have good attendance 😛 , timely submission of assignments and dedicated study for exam.
    You can either study religiously or take smart route. Studying religiously means self study, preferably daily. This helps you to beat the tension and revise the syllabus before your cycle tests.

    I could simply say that studying hard and keeping a good score in CTs would land you up with a good GPA. But wait! You have an easy way out there. Not all the faculties want you to study that hard in college for doing well. Your prime task should be figure out what kind of answers and writing styles strikes a chord with the subject faculty and wherefrom he sets the paper. Look up for previous year papers of CTs to find this. Also, try giving your best in CT1 and figure out what's it which a prof sees in an answer and his style of marking ( step marking or just sees the final answer or fascinated by long story type answers in theory papers etc) and the format of question papers.

    Let me concise some tips for u:-

    1. Make notes. If you can't, borrow someone's notes. They'll help you during exams.

    2. I'd say that hearing in class helps, but that depends solely on your abilities. Just in case, start studying at least 10 days before any exam.

    3. You'll have subjects like English and C. You'll maintain good grades of you involve yourself in class. And be sincere with programming assignments/lab. If you don't know C, learn ASAP.

    4. Make sure to find previous year's question papers. Certain professors have certain patterns in seeing their papers, ask your seniors about it.

    hope it helps u 🙂

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