I am in class 12. Should I drop for JEE 2020?

  • I am in class 12. Should I drop for JEE 2020?

  • Well that totally depends on you. If you are ready to work hard and give it your all in the dropped year, go for it. There is no harm in that.

    I never dropped a year. I cleared my JEE Advanced exam while studying in classes 11th and 12th and did not need to drop an year, but sure i can advice you when it comes to dropping a year. I have seen many of my peers dropping an year so i guess i can answer your question.

    Well you see you should drop a year depending on how you will do in the first attempt. Go give an attempt once because that will show you where you stand and if you need a drop or not. I thought of this too but luckily i did well in the first attempt.

    If you do everything right and prepare well in this year for your first attempt, there is no need to take a drop, that’s obvious.

    So In the end, it totally depends on how you study and if you are satisfied with yourself or not.

    I hope it helps. All the best.

    Also watch this video from Doubtnut for a better guidance.


  • If you are considering to drop a year, then I hope you are one hundred percent sure about your decision, because once you take step forward in this direction there is no turning back, I know this might be coming off like you are about to make a terrible decision which I want to tell you is you are not, if you have enough belief in yourself that, that yes I am ready to do whatever it takes to make sure I get my name on the list, then I would say this possibly is the best decision you could have made, and if you are planning to go through with it I would suggest you to get rid off all your insecurities now, because self doubt often makes you lose more than you could have achieved.

    Being a dropper is not always easy you have a lot to prove to a lot of people, but if you are planning to drop a year then I would suggest you that you must make sure that dropping a year is the best decision for you and once you have made this decision make sure you get the result you desire this time.

    The first thing I could say to any dropper is that his approach towards learning things should be like a dropper but his attitude for learning them should be like a fresher. He must not avoid any concept thinking he already knows about it but he should make sure he spends more his time practicing he couldn’t get right the first time and making sure that he gets enough questions daily to keep him as active for the exam.

    For a dropper, I don’t think coaching is necessary but you need a set of exercises number of questions, when you practice such exercises for the JEE level surely you will have doubts, who will help you with those doubts. What I believe is if you are planning to study on your it is fine but you need some sort of way to keep sure that your doubts get cleared and you get enough exercises to practice, for which, I believe Doubtnut app would be really beneficial you can always get enough material online and their WhatsApp assistance number 8400400400 where you can just upload a picture of your doubt and within seconds you will be provided with your answer, this way your doubts get cleared and your speed doesn’t get affected.

  • Dropping a year depends from person to person. I personally believe that you should definitely drop for JEE. You know you are afraid that you may lower your marks, which has a very low probability of happening. But if you drop a, my friend, if you give your 100% next year, you shall get CS. You just can't let your fear stop you from trying. If now you let your fear stop you, then you are in a big trouble. Don't even think about marks, just go study and do well next year, you could easily get a government college, which you have always wanted to and let me tell you.

    Cheers and Love


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