Is IIT Bombay better than IIT Delhi?

  • Is IIT Bombay better than IIT Delhi?

  • IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi are both premier institutes providing world class education to their students, however in the recent years IIT Bombay seems to have taken over IIT Delhi.

    ( IIT Bombay)

    Let me tell you how-

    1.IIT Bombay has a better campus and is situated in a better area.

    2.IIT Bombay holds More papers and patents.

    3.Most IIT Bombay visited by PM Narendra Modi, Brett Lee, Sadhguru, etc.

    4.IIT Bombay has better hostels for its freshers.

    Even though IIT Bombay is currently shining brighter than IIT Delhi in a lot of aspects, it still is far behind from IIT Delhi in salary package.

    IIT Bombay’s highest package is $110,000 (Rs. 71 lakh), offered by Uber for a position in the US.

    Whereas IIT Delhi’s highest package reported is Rs. 1.4 Crore Per Annum.

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