What rank can I get in the JEE Advanced if I score 79-80 marks?

  • What rank can I get in the JEE Advanced if I score 79-80 marks?

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    Friend, you really such marks are very low in JEE Advanced 2019. Anyways, its not your fault, this time JEE Advanced 2019 was really made difficult for students to crack it. IIT Roorkee really played well by raising the standards of Maths questions such that this particular section became the most difficult section for the students. The physics section was also not at all easy to score. But the chemistry section was somewhat found scoring by the students. Particularly, Paper 1 was much tougher as compared to paper 2.

    So, considering the difficulty level of the question paper this year, many experts including me are expecting that the cutoffs may face a slight drop as compared to the cutoffs for JEE Advanced 2018. And when you are looking for your expected rank at such low marks, you should check first whether you are qualifying for JEE Advanced 2019 or not. For checking this, let's have a glance at the most expected cutoffs that JEE Advanced 2019 could have:-



    1st CUTOFF: 118–120

    2nd CUTOFF:80–83


    1st CUTOFF: 106

    2nd CUTOFF: 74–75


    1st CUTOFF: 58–60

    2nd CUTOFF: 40–41


    1st CUTOFF: 58–60

    2nd CUTOFF: 40–41

    Friend, I hope you are not asking this question being a general category student. Coz you can check that it will be very much difficult for general category students to qualify the cutoffs even in the 2nd round. But if you are from another category except for general category, then yes you can be lucky enough to qualify the JEE Advanced 2019.

    So, if you belong to general category, there is not any point in checking your rank as you will not qualify most probably. But still, if you wanna see marks vs rank analysis for JEE Advanced 2019, then the concerned data is here:-

    Rank 10000 - Marks 122

    Rank 9000 - Marks 128

    Rank 8000 - Marks 133

    Rank 6000 - Marks 145

    Rank 4000 - Marks 160

    Rank 3000 - Marks 172

    Rank 2000 - Marks 184

    Rank 1500 - Marks 192

    Rank 1000 - Marks 207

    Rank 500 - Marks(221–223)

    For video analysis of marks vs rank trend for JEE Advanced 2019, you can see the videos below by Doubtnut:-



    Hope this helped!

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