How can I solve my doubts while preparing for the IIT JEE as a dropper without any coaching?

  • How can I solve my doubts while preparing for the IIT JEE as a dropper without any coaching?

  • Let me start by telling, every year, 65% of students selected to IIT are droppers. So keep your hopes high, all you need is a strategy and a lot of hard work.

    While preparing for JEE preparation , every now and then it happens that you might come accros some doubts. You need a guide with you 24/7 , helping you solve those doubts along with making your base strong.

    DOUBTNUT is the solution for you. Its YouTube channel provides you videos on concepts of physics , chemistry, mathematics . You can also use the DOUBTNUT app, where you can send your questions and you’ll be provided with an aswer video clearing all your doubts.
    Link to the site :

    Here are some more tips to strategize your preparation:

    So first things first. What should be your focus?

    JEE Main January- So if you score a good rank in JEE Main (jan ) then you’ve definitely secured a seat in a good NIT also you’ll be eligible for JEE Advance. So now you don’t have to worry about april’s exams and you can start preparing for JEE Advance from january onwards.
    Your target for JEE Mains (jan) should be to score 250+. You need atleast 250+ score for a good rank and a seat in top NIT.
    Now, lets look at the mistakes you might’ve made(if you appeared for the exams last year)

    • You might not have studied everyday. For example, during holidays or board exams you might’ve set aside JEE preparations.
      So the only solution is to make sure that you study atleast 10 hours a day daily on an average basis. Always remember, every time you feel like giving up, there must be someone out there putting in that extra hour of hard work. Therefore continuity matters.

    • There are a total of 92–93 chapters in physics , chemistry and maths combined. You can’t skip even one chapter. You have to be thorough with all the chapters. As seen in previous years question papers , some shifts had easy questions and some shifts had pretty tough questions.

    • Some shifts had questions from chapters that people generally tend to leave like surface tension, qualitative analysis, elasticity and viscosity etc. So you can’t afford to skip even one chapter.

    • Make sure you set a target for the day(homework), and you do it by the end of the day. There’s no need to overdo anything. if you feel like studying more, revise your notes or solve previous year papers.

    • Remember, have an upper hand over 12th standard students as after January, you don’t have to worry about boards and you can invest all your time for JEE Advance.

    • Use your time wisely.

    Hope this was helpful.

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