Which is the best WhatsApp group for IIT preparation?

  • Which is the best WhatsApp group for IIT preparation?

  • Well the Doubtnut app just launched a number specifically for clearing your JEE math Doubts. All you have to do is take a snap of the question you want to ask or the question you have a doubt in and send it on the number 840–040–0400 on WhatsApp.

    You will receive a video solution of the question soon.

    The thing is, India is using WhatsApp for everything these days. Whatever you need to do, you do it on WhatsApp. We use the app for business, for meetings, for official notices, for casual use. People of any age are using this app.

    Finally, education has moved on WhatsApp too, and Doubtnut is using that perfectly to help the students across the country. They just made it so easy to clear the Doubts at home without any hard work. Taking a snap and sending it on WhatsApp hardly takes seconds.

    I hope this will benefit you. All the best.

  • There are many available whatsapp groups online but you definitely want to join one where you might get some good advice and good study material. You would want to join somewhere you can meet other aspirants and look what they might be doing to get themselves some confidence to clear the exam. So here is one which you can join.

    Whatsapp Study Groups

    Here you will get good study material and meet other JEE aspirants as well. Post your doubts, clear them and see what others have to say about it. You can also compare your progress of preparation with others and see where you are currently at and what all you need to do to be able to clear your exam.

    I hope it helps.

  • Hello!!

    We all know, nowadays, Whatsapp is being used for study purposes also. There are numerous study groups om whatsapp for every field. You can join the whatsapp group as per your interests.

    You want to learn astronomy- there are groups for it where expert astronomers reply to people’s query. You want to stay updated in the field of fashion and makeup- there are whatsapp groups where top makeup artists and fashion designers reply to your queries and keep you updated with the latest trends. You want to learn cooking sushi- there are groups where chefs skilled in Japanese cuisine will guide you.

    If you are finding the best Whatsapp group where you can get your doubts solved while preparing for IITJEE , then Doubtnut has taken an initiative in this order. It has launched a whatsapp number 8400 400 400.

    While you are studying, if you face any doubts, you just have to send a snap of your doubt on this number. Instantly, the whatsapp bot will be in contact with you. It will provide a video solution of your doubt in the best possible way.


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