What are the dos and donts for a JEE dropper?

  • What are the dos and donts for a JEE dropper?

  • Do’s of JEE Preparation for Droppers

    Start Your Preparation with a Positive Attitude

    As I said earlier, thinking about your failure will not help you. Just stay positive and start your preparation for JEE. You should always remember that your mind works according to what you feed it. If you keep passing it negative thoughts, you will get the negative result only.

    Get a Thorough Understanding of New Exam Pattern

    You should consider yourself lucky, as now you will be able to take JEE twice in the same year and for the same admission process. As per the revised format, JEE will be conducted in January and March for a single admission process.

    Further, the exam will now be conducted only in online format. Having knowledge of revised exam format will help you give your JEE preparation a right direction.

    Consider Time-saving Methods to Make an Effective Timetable

    when the syllabus is more and you feel the shortage of time, you need to opt out for some time-saving tips such as not socializing much, not traveling much and most importantly: wasting much of the time commuting to your coaching classes on daily basis. You can simply opt for online JEE coaching and attend the classes at the convenience of your home. There are amazing websites/institutes which provide you online JEE classes by experienced faculty as well as the enormous amount of information to ace the exam with.

    Moreover, online coaching for the engineering exam will also help you get ready for the New JEE format. When learning online through live interactive class, you will also get online tests to solve, which will prepare you for the computer-based JEE test.

    Make Regular Revision a Habit

    Go on, revise even the minor questions so that you wouldn’t forget what you just attempted/practiced. Revising your syllabus on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis is an enormously important thing that you can do to yourself. It is true that practice makes a man perfect. And it is for making you score better and acing the JEE. So, don’t let your overconfidence surround you and come in between you and your goal.

    Strategize Your Work

    Strategizing the work will help you out a lot whilst preparing for competitive examination like JEE. As the syllabus you’ve is enormous so on the basics on subjects and quantity you need to schedule your timings and work accordingly. You can’t just pick any subject and start to work on it at any point in time. That’ll waste too much time of yours.

    Moreover, as you have already attempted the exam first, you must have got some idea about the type of questions and the syllabus covered in the exam. With this, you must have also got some idea about your weak and strong areas. So, make a study plan where you work effectively on both weak and strong areas. You can choose more study and revision time for weak areas as compared to the topics or subjects, you think you have good command at.

    Get only Enough Study Material

    Preparing for JEE and acing the examination requires a lot of information, but that doesn’t mean you will buy every JEE preparation book available in the market. Make sure you buy only enough study material. If you find learning just from books boring and want to join the online JEE dropper course, you can buy recorded video lectures and can watch them in order to prepare for the exam. Talking of an online course provides you with enough amount of information and knowledge to score high in your examination. These provide you with a whole lot of test series, mock tests, daily practice papers, and even previous year papers for your revision purposes. That not only help you with revision but also helps you in boosting your confidence.

    Pay Attention to Your Health

    As discussed before in point one about not straining yourself; you must know that good health means a good mind. If only you’ve had a good health then only you’ll able to concentrate better on JEE preparation tips for droppers and follow them well. The healthy mind can only be achieved when you don’t push yourself to the limits and maintain a schedule to work on. Overloading yourself and pressurizing your mind will only lead to an unstable health. So, the only solution to get your health and mind healthy is to work with your own limits.

    Don’ts of JEE 2019 Preparation for Droppers

    Don’t Strain Yourself

    Now that you’ve cleared out 12th, to get through JEE exam appears a must-do task. And yes, the pressure and stress must be high. Do not let your stress come between your mind and preparation. Only the right amount of stress and excitement will help you with a succession of a task. Just keep calm and focus on your planned schedule.

    Don’t Get Bored

    As you have already gone through the syllabus once, you might feel bored at times. Don’t do this; if you feel that going through the same syllabus is getting boring, change your learning medium.

    Don’t Manipulate Yourself

    Now that you’ve have started preparing for JEE , you should definitely not manipulate yourself. Only formulate a schedule that you are comfortable with. If you schedule studying for 10 hours a day and you can only study for 6-7 hours, go for 7 hours honestly rather than faking it and not actually studying. Do not break the schedule and rules that you set at the starting of the preparation.

    Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time

    Do not wear-out your precious time doing nothing or wasting it with friends and family. It may sound unpleasant, but for and a year or two you need to stop socializing with humans as well as gadgets. Talk as minimal as you could by means relieving the stress and tiredness of studying for continuous hours. And it is surely not necessary if you do go for family gatherings and weddings for a year or two.

    Don’t Study for Long Hours at a Stretch

    Yes, this is true that students need to burn the midnight oil to clear JEE exam due to the cut-throat competition. But this doesn’t mean that you will sit with the books for 10-14 hours at a stretch without taking any break. Your mind also needs rest, which most of the students forget when preparing for entrance exams like JEE. You shouldn’t study for long hours a stretch; rather take small breaks of 10-15 minutes after every 45-60 minutes’ study. It will help you feel relaxed and less tired.

    These JEE preparation tips for droppers are here to guide you through your preparatory period. You should be working on a daily basis by following do’s and don’ts stated above. Hope this helps you through the JEE preparations and you ace your examination with some excellent scores.

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