How tough would JEE Advanced 2019 be compared to 2018?

  • How tough would JEE Advanced 2019 be compared to 2018?

  • JEE is getting tougher and tougher every year and that is because of the increased completion among the students and number applicants that are increasing each year, if you compare any two years, you will surely see the difference between them, it could be in terms of difficulty or the kind of questions included in the question paper, you just can not expect yourself to be at 2019 level and expect to crack JEE 2020, you must be ready to give in your everything, or you will find yourself behind your competitors during the exams, JEE Advance is one of the extremely prestigious examination and you must be ready to learn evry new thing if you wish to get through the exam.

    2019 JEE Advance was conducted by IIT Roorkee ,and yes it was much, much tougher than the question paper that came in previous year, 2018 question paper was compiled by IIT Kanpur, and students found 2019 Advance paper to be more difficult than of 2018, but if you must not worry about, how difficult the question paper is going to be but rather make yourself worthy of any question paper but before I get into that let me just give you some evident difference between 2018 and 2019 JEE Advance paper

    • In Paper1,the difficulty level of Mathematics ranged from moderate to tough. Mathematics questions were calculative and tricky in nature. They needed a lot of calculation.
    • In Paper2,Mathematics was the toughest part of the paper. Questions from Matrices and Differential Equations were asked in the Mathematics section.
    • Last year, Maths section was the easiest and it proved a saviour to the students.

    • This year, In both, Paper 1 and Paper2,Chemistry was the easiest. There were less questions from Physical Chemistry. Organic and Inorganic Chemistry had balanced questions.
    • Last year, Chemistry was of moderate level .

    • This year, In Paper1, Physics was moderate. Most of the questions were from 12th standard syllabus.
    • In Paper 2,Physics was moderate in nature.
    • Last year, Physics section was tougher than the other two sections.

    Now, these were some major difference between 2018 and 2019 JEE advance but along with that there was a difference in the competition for the exam, students were better equipped than last time and students next year for JEE 2020 would be better equipped than this time, that is why I say that it is not important how the question paper would be, that is the last part and the only part you have no control over and you can not control that but what is in your control?, and what can you actually control? The answer to this would be, the way you prepare yourself for the exam and how better you can equip yourself for the exam with such intense competition.

    I am sharing some of the tips with you which I believe can help you with your preparation.

    Quality of your study must overweigh the quantity you cant expect yourself to retain concepts in your mind until the exam day if you do not put regular and equal efforts.

    Keep as less distractions as you can, sometimes just because of very little distractions you end up losing your focus, like some sort of TV-show you like, a message tune on your phone make sure whenever you sit to study you have least things to distract you while you study.

    Positive Mindset is one thing you must keep account for while preparing for the JEE you can not afford to take unnecessary pressure, once you puts extra burden on your mind you end up losing your speed which I believe is one of the worst mistake you can do in your preparation.

    Never have ego issues with any chapter, if your mind can not accept some concept make sure to move on to the next one because wasting your time on that getting stuck will only going to make things hard for you, but make sure to come to it some other time.

    Do not get lazy, you must not procrastinate, never leave any chapter you can do today for tomorrow, only that way you would be able you increase your productivity.

    I hope my answer helped and in case you face any problems with your concepts or you have any doubt you can always visit doubtnut and get the best help possible.

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