Is there a serious WhatsApp group for JEE doubts?

  • Is there a serious WhatsApp group for JEE doubts?

  • Well, to be honest, this generation of children are very lucky enough. I am saying so because as we all know this is the era of technology and nowadays most children have access to smartphones with fast internet connectivity. Many people believe that the internet mostly distracts their attention from their studies. But nowadays, even the internet has become a great means of online education.

    Well, coming back to the question, as you have asked the serious WhatsApp group for JEE doubts. So, my friend let me tell there is a WhatsApp bot number launched by Doubtnut for doubts of maths of the JEE level. You have to just click the picture of your doubt, crop it and send it to the WhatsApp bot operated by Doubtnut. And to be your surprise, it will immediately respond to your doubt with the best possible video solutions to that question. The number of WhatsApp bot is 8–4–0–0–4–0–0–4–0–0. This number is available 24\7. You can ask your maths doubt anytime anywhere and of any level.

    I personally have used that service. And I am really amazed to see the results. If this service were available in my preparation time for JEE, it would have helped me greatly. But when it is available now, then trust me it will help really lot to you.


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