How was the toughness level of JEE Advanced 2019 paper?

  • How was the toughness level of JEE Advanced 2019 paper?

  • This year JEE Advanced was organise by IIT Roorke.
    The exam was held in online mode on 27th May .

    Again there were two shifts, the shift 1 being held from 9a.m. to 12 p.m. and shift 2 held from 2p.m to 5p.m.

    Coming to the toughness level of the paper, JEE Advanced is the toughest exams you can take in India, as getting into an IIT is not a cakewalk

    In terms of JEE Advanced 2019 , the paper 1, which was held at 9a.m in shift 1 was perceived to be way more tougher than Paper 2 held in shift 2.

    Now, Let's discuss the difficulty level of paper 1 and paper 2 respectively.

    Paper 1

    Compared to last year, the difficulty level of the exam was definitely kicked up a notch.

    Mathematics portion was pretty lengthy and tricky in nature which required some hard calculations. The difficulty level was somewhere between moderate to tough.

    On the other hand, It was relatively easier to score in chemistry. Most candidates attempted chemistry part with ease.

    Whereas in physics,the difficulty level was somewhat moderate. Most of the questions were based on 12th standard concepts. But as always, physics was a quite tricky part.

    Paper 2
    As already mentioned, paper 2 was comparatively easier than paper 1.

    The mathematics section was pretty tough for candidates in paper 2.

    The difficulty level of Physics section of paper 2 was moderate . Candidates who had a good and in depth conceptual understanding of class 12th physics were able to attempt the questions with ease.

    Chemistry was the easiest of all three subjects in of paper 2. there wereno much questions from physical chemistry as compared organic and inorganic chemistry questions, which had a a balanced number of questions.

    The expected cutoffs for JEE Advanced are as attached:-


    You can also watch the following video by Doubtnut for a detailed analysis of JEE Advanced 2019 exam:

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