What is the best way to practice problems for JEE Main and Advanced?

  • What is the best way to practice problems for JEE Main and Advanced?

  • Hey dude,

    Now it will be good to attempt some online test series. There are many websites which offers their test series. and for any doubt u can go through Doubtnut.

    The UI is simple and questions are 100% relevant to JEE Mains & JEE Advanced.

    See the detailed answer for the test series which I answered to another student few weeks ago.

    Its on you how you use your wisdom and experience to choose the best test series.

    Not necessarily the most famous one is the best. Explore and ultimately choose the best.

    As far as I am concerned I can give you little guidance on how to choose a good test series as I was also in your place couple of years ago.

    While opting for any test-series, you need to evaluate the following points.

    Test series should be relevant to the JEE Advanced exam
    Analysis of your test results
    Provide relevant solution to each question that will allow you to learn from your mistakes and develop your concept accordingly.
    You Should Have Clear Goals:

    Do you want to clear the JEE Main, or qualify for JEE Advanced, or do you want a seat in IIT? You have to be very clear about your goals if you want to be able to plan for them. You don’t need to study the entire syllabus to crack the JEE.

    Be Mindful Of The Important Chapters

    Here is the important part. The time left does not affect your preparation strategy!

    This is because your preparation will always only depend on which are the easy chapters with the highest weightage. You can download a pdf of the chapters distributed by weightage and difficulty (input).

    We, at Doubtnut always up for solve your query 🙂

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