How many hours of study are required to crack the JEE Advanced if I have only 10 months left?

  • How many hours of study are required to crack the JEE Advanced if I have only 10 months left?

  • You should never ‘measure’ the number of hours you study. What matters more is that you should study with full concentration whenever you study. Or in other words you should know when NOT to study. I will try to prepare a list which guides when not to study.

    Never study when you are feeling asleep. I personally hate studying at night, especially late night. You must ensure that you are taking a proper sleep of atleast 7–8 hours.
    Never study while you are watching TV. Earlier I had the habit of studying in front of TV. Believe me it is useless.
    Either you are capable of putting aside your hobbies or you are NOT. If it is a NO, then allot at least some time in a week to your hobbies. Don’t study when you are thinking about your favourite sport/activity.
    JEE Advanced is around may end.Around 50 days earlier it's JEE Mains.You get around 1 month after 12th board exams for mains.About a month for 12th preparation(It matters !Getting around 75 percent in state board and around 85 percent in CBSE is not that much easy .You have to qualify for jee Advanced to clear it.(75 percent is hitting each 3 out of 4 targets and for 85 it's 17 out of 20)

    So actually you are left with around 6 months to complete 90% of remaining syllabus.(Ideal case )

    Pragmatic target is 10%+60%=70% .

    Means 60% more syllabus that too in very deep.You will not get time to revise believe me.

    Take look at chapters.Syllabus can be divided into around 22 chapters for physics,chemistry and 23 for maths including extra chapters for JEE Mains.

    If you are involved in any of the following activities mentioned below, I suggest you should stop it immediately:

    **Don't socialize too much:-**Avoid too much talking on phone with your friends. Not more than -30 minutes every day. Keep yourself away from family discussions and don’t get into arguments with parents and brothers/sisters because it will only wastes your time and energy. Be selfish to focus on your career.
    Don't spend long hours on TV, Internet and playing games:- If you are too much into TV, cut down immediately. Don’t spend more than 1 hour in front of TV every day.

    Internet is the biggest addiction of all time. Real time sucker. Don’t sit on computer for more than 1 hour unless as their any study need.

    **Don't play outdoor sports:-**Those who are playing physical games a lot should reduce them. These games are very tiring. If you are physically tired, you would not be able to concentrate on studies. I suggest evening walk or light exercise either in the morning or evening.

    Don't study late night:- Those who study late nights, sleep whole day. This is a bad schedule. If you don’t sleep well in the night, you will feel sleepy in school and in your coaching classes. So best is you should sleep for 7 hours any time between 10 PM to 9 AM. Those who don’t get study atmosphere at home in the day time, in worst case they should study till 2.00 AM and get up at 9.00 AM.


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  • If you want then you can….

    Look, clearing IIT is not an easy task and it can’t be measured on any scale of brain power even some international professors feel that the JEE papers are 'impossibly' tough

    It is something that requires a lot of determination, dedication, theoretical in-depth knowledge, your keen interest in topics/subjects and learning in a smart and efficient way.

    People clear iit in last 5-6 months also

    So here are some preparation tips for you :-

    1.Begin by understanding the past exam trends. You can do this through available information online or analysing at least past five years papers on your own.

    2..Subject wise analysis is very important.

    3.Physics: The subject encompasses aspects of: Optics, Electrodynamics, Modern Physics, Heat and thermodynamics and mechanics.

    4.Chemistry: The subject encompasses modules like physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. Physical chemistry brings along questions from kinetics, chemical equilibrium etc. Nomenclature, general organic chemistry are observing fewer questions in organic chemistry. Although alkanes,alkynes, polymers,carbonyls etc see rising number of questions.

    5.Mathematics: The subject is all about practice. A perfect plan must include dedicated time for practicing all mathematical problems. For the last five years, differential calcuy

    has been dominating the question papers, consistency followed by coordinate geometry.

    6.You need to utilise each minute wisely and prepare a personalized full proof timetable.

    7.If you feel the need you can enroll in professional online classes for JEE preparation, under the guidance of experts. Online classes also save a lot of travel time.

    8.All the three subjects need practice for formula, theorem, chemical equations and more.

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  • Well, you already know about the difficulty level of the IIT JEE exam. And one can only excel in the IIT JEE exam only if he/she is quite determined towards it. Cracking IIT JEE does not only require hard work but smart work is also essential along with hard working when it comes to cracking the IIT JEE.

    So, buddy, I am here to guide you in the preparation of your IIT JEE by providing you the awesome rocking tips to score better in IIT JEE exam:-

    1. Work Hard

    This is the best and the most important tip anyone can give you. You must not give up in these two years. There will be many ups and downs in these two years. But you must remember that you will reach your destination if you don't give up. My best friend in class 11-12th was not very good at studies and did not perform well. But he kept on working and finally made it to an IIT. There can be no substitute for hard work.

    2. Be consistent

    When you go to your coaching class, your teachers would be giving you some homework. Solve it on a daily basis. Do not rest before you solve it or before the day is over. Put your maximum effort. The same applies to tests. Try to solve the test to your fullest capabilities without worrying about the marks. Sit for the full length of the paper. Try to solve all the questions you could not solve during the test when you reach home. When in doubt consult the solution and solve the questions again without looking at the solution. Be consistent throughout your journey, and you are done.

    3. Ask doubts

    Get your doubts cleared. Do not hesitate to consult your teachers or friends when in trouble. Contact family, friends, and teachers when underconfident. Academic doubts must be asked to teachers as and when you have them. Doubts can be dangerous if accumulated. Have a few helpful friends who can clear your doubts. But you must first put your maximum effort into solving the questions.

    4. Focus

    No hangouts, relationships, parties, social media, mobile phones, PC games, TV, etc. You should be focused on your goals. Everything in moderation is OK, but do keep your priorities sorted. Have a good friend circle.

    5. Difference creators-Holidays

    Many students tend to waste their holidays(summer break, Diwali break, etc.) Use that time well. We hardly get free time in these two years. It's not wise to waste it.
    Try covering backlogs at this time. Make a diary, write down what all you have in your mind and put it down in your diary. Make a schedule and follow it. Make sure that basic backlogs are removed first and then move on to advanced ones. These breaks can make a huge difference.

    And the probably the most important thing- give a lot of tests and exams and put your best effort. This journey is very memorable and makes sure the memories turn out to be good.

    You can also watch the following video by DOUBTNUT for any further help:

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