How good is chemical engineering in NIT Trichy?

  • How good is chemical engineering in NIT Trichy?

  • This is under the presumption that you have done the necessary groundwork for choosing Chemical Engineering as your undergrad course (I really hope so). Being outright forward:

    • Faculty: Most of the professors are more than competent in their fields of expertise. In my experience, I’ve found core subjects like Process Dynamics, Reaction Engineering, Mass Transfer and Equipment Design (all of which are really important for a Chemical Engineer) to have a really excellent faculty circle. As in most places, there are a few odd pebbles present too.

    • Infrastructure & facilities: Most of the labs present fall just above the average standards as compared to top universities across India and are a bit outdated. They are improving, albeit slowly. But the lab assistants are knowledgeable and student-friendly, and if you’re part of a team working on a project, there are sufficient facilities present to get the job done. If not, the doors of other department labs are always open.

    • Internships: Be it any engineering course you end up in, remember that not everyone gets an intern through the department. Majority of the cases, only around 50–60% of the students manage to do so. But the opportunities you would be exposed to is really wonderful and you will definitely experience something unique here. Networking through the professors also prove to be very useful.

    • Placements: NITT has a system called the CPC (not getting into that here), which you’d have to clear to be eligible to apply for placements. The Chemical Engineering department has a very low class strength, of about 70 people and only around 60–70% of them even apply for placements. So far, the department has managed to have over 95% placement rate, with all the applied students being placed in one company or the other in the academic year 2018. Keep in mind that this list has a mix of reputed companies as well as those on the other end of the spectrum too.

    • Higher Education: The department doesn’t play a major role in this. You’re main focus should be on having a really good CGPA, which you can obtain with a little effort. The brand name of NIT Trichy will provide you with a slight boost, but I would say that the interest you have on the course is the deciding factor. That and some luck.

    • Student activities and resources: One drawback would be that most of the technical clubs won’t be too keen on inducting students from Chemical Engineering unless you are exceptionally brilliant. But the general student-run fests such as Pragyan and Festember are open for all, and all undergraduates at NITT are given an equal chance to take part in it. All the other resources are common for everyone.

    • Ask around some more through your friends or seniors studying at NITT before ending up with a decision as it would definitely be a life changing one.

    Good luck.

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