• Which-is-the-best-app-for-IIT-JEE-preparation

  • There are many apps on the play store for the IIT JEE preparation. You can use any of them for good preparation. But there is a difference between an app that clears your concepts and an app that clears your doubts. When you prepare for IIT JEE, you will need an app that does both.

    There are many apps which will clear your doubts like the Byju’s. They give you a great clarity of concept. But you need something that does both. So i recommend Doubtnut app for the same. The app has over 10,00,000 solved questions of maths. If you have any doubt just take a snap of the question and you will receive a video solution. If you do not find a video solution, you can ask an expert and you will get the solution in next 24 hours.

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    So while preparing for JEE , every now and then it happens that you might come across some doubts. You need a guide with you 24/7 , helping you solve those doubts along with making your base strong.

    DOUBTNUT is the solution for you. Its YouTube channel provides you videos on concepts of physics , chemistry, mathematics . You can also use the DOUBTNUT app, where you can send your questions and you’ll be provided with an answer video clearing all your doubts.

    Hope this helped.

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