How to get 95% up in physics in class 12?

  • How to get 95% up in physics in class 12?

  • Well, Scoring 95% marks in physics in class 12th is not so tough to score but somehow you can do it and having some points in mind during preparation . so that's my cup of tea. I am eligible to answer you, having scored 95% in physics in CBSE 12th Board.

    A few things I would recommend :

    Do's :

    • Follow NCERT textbook thoroughly.

    • Practice numericals and derivations in a routined manner.

    • Stick to a topic unless and until you really get the concept. Don't lie to yourself (and your teacher) that you got it, just to get rid of it.

    • Use Reference books for reference purpose only. Remember, your textbook is NCERT.

    • Study to understand physics, not to score 95%.

    Dont's :

    • Don't get blinded by all the flashy and fancy authors who write love-stories and call it physics.

    • Don't sit in a crowd of 100 students batch and expect to receive the concept. A less populous coaching, and a denser self-study works better than sitting 6 people in one bench for the superstar teacher of your town.

    • Don't Overlook any theory or formulae.

    • Don't follow the opinions of every other random guy. Everyone has his own way.

    • You make your own, but take smart steps (I tried to write what's right in my opinion).

    • Don't make plans about your 95% celebrations before you achieve it (it really happens, trust me.)

    Hope u like it!!

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