What is the scenario of IIT Delhi for an M.Tech in chemical engineering placement?

  • What is the scenario of IIT Delhi for an M.Tech in chemical engineering placement?

  • Well, budy there should not be any doubt regarding the placements of IIT Delhi as IIT Delhi has been continuously securing the rank ! in the list of top IITs in India consecutively for 3 years.
    Actually, it is really deserving for rank 1 as it is the best IIT in every aspect whether it is the placement factor, social life, academics, faculty, facilities, etc.

    IIT Delhi rocks in every aspect !

    So, without discussing much, let’s jump to the placements of IIT Delhi…

    IIT Delhi Placement Report 2018

    At the end of first phase of IIT Delhi placements, over 750 students have received job offers from the companies of their choice. With about 900 job offers made in total (including PPOs), this year IIT Delhi has witnessed 22% rise in the number of selections. Also, about 20% rise has been witnessed in the number of companies participating in campus recruitments.

    Branch Wise IIT Delhi Placements (2018)

    According to the official website of IIT Delhi, in 2018 there is a rise in the number of organisations registering to recruit students for core engineering profiles such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering. Also, as the industry gears up for industry 4.0, an exponential increase is expected in the number of organisations looking for hiring candidates in the sectors of data science, artificial intelligence, stochastic modelling, machine learning, and predictive analysis.

    Sector Wise IIT Delhi Placements (2018 and 2017)

    Till December 2018, about 34% students have been placed in core (technical) profiles and 22% students have been placed in Information Technology (IT) sector. In IIT Delhi phase-I placement 2017, the percentage of offers made in core profiles and IT sector were 37% and 22%, respectively. Check complete details on the percentage of offers made in different sectors in IIT Delhi phase-I placements 2018 and 2017 below:

    Also, in 2018 placements, 43 students have bagged international offers from countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, USA and the European region. However, out of the selected candidates, 33 have accepted the offers.

    And here are the top recruitors of IIT Delhi:-

    In brief, IIT Delhi placements are quite awesome!
    In fact, IIT delhi is the super dream institute for the JEE Advanced toppers…

    I hope my answer helps 🙂

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