What does smart work mean in IIT JEE preparation?

  • What does smart work mean in IIT JEE preparation?

  • This is one of the most important thing one needs to know when preparing for JEE.You may get varied answers from various people regarding this, but all of them generally refer to the same thing.During jee preparation, it means you need to have good time management.While solving problems, do not give much time to a problem. On average, we get around 3 minutes per question in jee adv. paper. So, you need to work accordingly.

    Smart Work in JEE means:

    Find multiple methods to solve the same problem and then decide the shortest method.
    Every chapter has its own way of studying, decode that method yourself or by consulting experts.
    Work with your full interest.
    Give time to theory.
    Make the concepts your habit
    Keep watching, analyzing and improving.


    If you are preparing for jee then

    Keep all concepts crystal clear.
    Maintain a notebook for the important questions. Just note down the chapter, book, page no. And question no. This helps when you want to revise.
    Make your own handbook/ formulae book. Maintain a notebook of all the formulae and important concepts.
    You can also note down your mistakes in your handbook or make a seperate notebook. Before the test, just go through all the mistakes you've made so you don't repeat.
    Revise on a daily basis. Recall all the topics you've studied throughout the day. Make sure you give in atleast 3 hours on Sunday to revision.
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  • Every year, lakhs of students compete for securing a seat in IITs. The highest package offered at IITs has been attracting students to take up engineering courses at IIT, and the competition for JEE exam is rising every year.

    You need to understand that this will require a lot of focus and hard work.

    It is not all going to be rainbows and flowers, this will require a lot of practice and perseverance on your part and you will have to keep a few things in mind if you want to achieve this target!

    First things first…

    Know your syllabus!


    Law of Motion
    Work Power Energy
    Rigid Body Dynamics and Rational Motion
    Fluid Mechanics
    Heat and Thermodynamics
    Kinetic Theory of Gases
    Waves and Oscillations
    Current Electricity
    Modern Physics
    Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Induction


    Mole Concept
    Atomic Structure
    Chemical and Molecular Bonding
    States of Matter
    Electrochemistry and Redox reactions
    Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium
    General Organic Chemistry
    Solutions and Colligative Properties
    Chemical Kinetics
    Coordination compounds
    P block, D&F block elements


    Relations and functions
    Trigonometric Functions
    Complex Numbers
    Binomial Theorem
    Sequences and Series
    Straight lines and Family of lines
    Conic Sections
    Matrices and Determinants
    Limits Continuity and Differentiation
    Application of Derivatives
    Definite Integration
    Vectors and 3D
    Differential Equation
    Quadratic Equations

    Make a schedule

    Make a plan of how many topics you have to cover every week, and stick to it!

    Dedicate at least 5 hours a day on weekdays and more on holidays for the year and you will get along fine.

    Don’t procrastinate.

    While preparing it is a given you will have doubts, please do not hesitate from asking your doubts (no matter how small they may be).

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  • JEE is not just another exam where a student can expect himself to get a reputed college only by practicing a number of question, JEE requires a student to be much more than just good with concepts

    Consistency: when a student is working on any conceptual difficulties he needs a long sitting period with great focus so the student rectifies his every doubt. A student can not just hope to cope with the competition without being consistent with his preparation.

    Time Management: managing time for different subjects and everything else just so he can practice his work regularly and spare some time to pursue his hobbies, devoting equal quality time managing health, study and leisure activities is also one of many skills an aspirant required to get through the JEE exam.

    Finding More Exercises: Any IIT aspirant can not expect the best result by only working on questions given to him by his coaching class or by different seniors but he must be ready to check every possible exercise to make sure he equip himself better, get questions from your coaching, ask for exercise from students of different coaching classes, visit different online portals like Doubtnut where you can get extra classes for references sample papers and other things.

    Evaluating Your Strengths: Getting conceptual clarity is not the only thing a student needs to pass JEE there is a pattern to attempt the exam where student make sure he attempts questions of subjects he believe he has upper hand in passing on the question which can get you negative marking and this skill set is arguably one of the most important.

    For any talented student learning concepts would not be a hard thing and his calculations can be better escalated and can be more accurate but when it comes to developing mentioned skill sets which without any doubt are more important than just knowing, a person has to be real hard-worker.

    For an exam like JEE this is very common for any student to commit some mistakes and most of these are mistakes, which happens because of very little things which just needs very little attention from you.

    Quality of your study must overweigh the quantity you cant expect yourself to retain concepts in your mind until the exam day if you do not put regular and equal efforts.

    Keep as less distractions as you can, sometimes just because of very little distractions you end up losing your focus, like some sort of TV-show you like, a message tune on your phone make sure whenever you sit to study you have least things to distract you while you study.

    Positive Mindset is one thing you must keep account for while preparing for the JEE you can not afford to take unnecessary pressure, once you puts extra burden on your mind you end up losing your speed which I believe is one of the worst mistake you can do in your preparation.

    Never have ego issues with any chapter, if your mind can not accept some concept make sure to move on to the next one because wasting your time on that getting stuck will only going to make things hard for you, but make sure to come to it some other time.

    Do not get lazy, you must not procrastinate, never leave any chapter you can do today for tomorrow, that is how you will increase your productivity.

    That should be enough for you to get past all the distractions and if you face any doubt regarding concepts or any doubt on some particular questions you can visit Doubtnut app and get it all cleared up.

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