How are BITS placements?

  • How are BITS placements?

  • I think right now you should focus on getting in and enjoying the start of the wonderful 4 years of college life rather than worrying about placements. Being a BITSian you would always do well on that front.

    Still to answer your question

    1. Mechanical engineering: First we need to come with terms with the fact that it is a core engineering branch and therefore you don't get paid much initially. The average package for a mechanical engineering student graduating from Pilani campus is around 6-6.5 lpa. Most core companies like TATA, Hero pay around 5-5.5 lakhs. Oil and gas sector companies are the highest earning core jobs. CRAIN paid 8 LPA(4 students), SHELL 15 LPA (2 students). Highest placement for mech student was 27 LPA offered by Schlumberger( Oil & gas, 1 student).
      On the other hand you can earn higher through non-core jobs( IT, Consultancy, finance).

    2. Electrical and Electronics: EEE at BITS pilani is without a doubt one of the best in India( if not Asia). It is also the branch which requires maximum commitment and hard work. Average package is round 7.5-8 lpa. Core companies like Texas instruments, NI, Cisco, Samsumg, Juniper pay in the range of 7-11 lpa. Electronics sector of India is not that strong and most of the EEE guys end up doing an IT Job(where they are preferred over someone from say mechanical or civil because of their background). EEE and EnI are generally the only other branch apart from CS from which IT companies recruit.
      Highest placement for EEE too was Schlumberger (27 lpa, 2 students).

    Remember this would just be the start of your career and you would be bound to grow leaps and bounds being a BITSian in the following years.

    Hope it helps.Thanks

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