What are some advice for IIT JEE preparation?

  • What are some advice for IIT JEE preparation?

  • Well, honestly speaking, what I feel about this whole IIT-JEE preparation thing is that everyone does it is his/her own way.

    There is no ideal procedure for going through the preparations. The way one student prepared may not work out for the the other. What I am trying to say is that there is no rule book for clearing IIT-JEE and being an IITian. Everyone have his/her own strengths and weaknesses and one should realise those points at first.

    I know people who studied in the best of the bests coaching institutes and from the best teachers out there, but could not make it. There are students who keep preparing for 2-3 odd years and couldn't make it to IIT. On the contrary, there are students who prepare for a single year and nail it.

    Few tips i will suggest u:-

    1. Study 5–8 hours daily(min. 4). Seriously without hard work you can't get success.

    2. Your studies should be smart. You should not spent much time on topics which are asked very rarely.

    3. Do revision on each sunday. This is the basic funda of all toppers.

    4. Do more and more papers. This will increase your speed and tell you your weak topics.

    5. Join a test series of any coaching like resonance, bansal, Allen, etc.(but not fiitjee). This will increase your confidence.

    6. Before attempting the paper, make your strategy ready. Like with which subject you are going to start and which subject you are going to attempt in last.

    7. Ignore people who discourage/ falsely encourage you.

    8. Quora , Facebook etc. violates the ‘point 2’.

    9. You can choose to ignore tip(s). Not everything fits as per your situation.

    10. Quitting before the exam ends is the biggest and most unacceptable mistake you can commit.

    11. Mistakes (silly/conceptual/ other kind) made are your pals. Write them down and don’t forget to analyze each of your test paper for more such ‘pals’.

    12. You quickly reached here. You will probably forget this answer. But you can’t forget your syllabus. Do rigorous revision from time to time.

    Hope u like it .

  • Gone those days, when 'Jack of all trades was master of none'. For a student to crack JEE Main, the student surely needs to be master of all the spheres which shall lead him towards the path of 'clearance' of this particular exam. Here are some tips necessary for every kid trying to swim amidst the sea of this entrance exam. If taken seriously, these tips shall definitely not drown the student at all. So wide open your eyes and get ready to read few tips for JEE Mains Preparations.

    First of all, Know some details about JEE Main 2020
    • Entrance to more than 30 NITs, nearly 25 IIITs, and almost 29 GFTIs and other big universities is made possible only after the clearance of this exam.
    • This year, the exam shall be held twice in January and April for which the online registration has already begun from September,3, 2019.
    • The responsibility of conducting this online exam lies with National Testing Agency i.e NTA

    After knowing these facts, let your attention be drawn towards the main purpose of opening this link and spending your time in reading this matter. Here you go! Keep reading to unlock ideas for JEE Mains 2020 preparations.
    Definitely, hard work is the key to success but children must know that smart work is the real golden key to success in today's time. All the competitive exams including JEE Mains can be won over if a child tries to indulge in smart work.
    It is not necessary to keep studying one particular topic for hours and hours even if you feel stuck. That topic should be left Immediately. It is always advisable to segregate the syllabus and rate the topics at the bar of 'Extremely Difficult', 'Very Difficult' and 'Moderately Difficult'.
    Remember not to think a particular topic is easy because that is the point where a child loses. An easy considered topic is then left for the last, most of the times, uncovered which is a huge blunder.
    Therefore, after the segregation, divide your precious time to contribute towards the preparation of the topics as per your difficulty level.
    Remember, 'Time Management' is a must. An exam is won over when all the aspects undergo glitters. Do not devote your time only to one aspect of the syllabus which you feel is extremely difficult. A proper time table shall be made.
    Not forgetting that this exam is a struggle within the syllabus of eleventh and twelfth class. Hence, a child shall be smart enough to balance between the school syllabus and syllabus of this exam. Also, a keen eye shall be kept on the updates over the internet regarding this exam which includes dates, requirements, sample papers etc. One can witness his/her strength and weakness through the mock tests so these are necessary. Continuous monitoring over change of exam pattern shall be done. Yes, previous years questions are necessary to prepare but sticking only to them might be a barrier. The abundance of one particular type of question since years shall give an idea to prepare the same for this year too but working as per the new criteria shall also help you prepare out of the box.

    Apart from this, never forget to strategize your study material. It is futile to spend time and mental energy over the topic which will fetch you less marks. Search and go through the weightage of the topics of the syllabus. Yes, every drop counts for sure. But it is wise to accumulate few litres of water before hand and then accumulate the drops to fill in the entire vessel.

    Not forgetting the psychological preparations, a student preparing for this exam shall first prepare himself or herself for life. Success and Failure are two sides of the same penny but penny isn't valuable even if either of the side is gone! So if you observe failure, there are always other doors leading towards a great path. Another golden tip screams that a child preparing for JEE Main shall definitely go and watch Sushant Singh Rajput's new film Chhichore with parents as it relates with the topic we are discussing here. Not all exam preparations are to be done in a monotonous and boring way. Some require entertainment too. Drink water, eat well, get apt sleep and avoid stunts to keep your valuable health and body absolutely fit and fine for the approaching exam. So go through this JEE Mains Exam Strategy and turn the tables.

    All the best! You all are winners! You all can do it!

  • IIT-JEE preparation often seems challenging with preparing for boards exam. However, you can manage your JEE preparation easily with smart strategy and planning. All those who cracked JEE Main and went onto pursue academic program in top engineering institutes recommend self-study. Since, the questions will be based on the 10+2 syllabus, try and stick to NCERT textbooks to prepare for both boards and JEE. Some of the preparation tips given by the JEE Main 2017 toppers named Sulkap says, that you need to start preparing for JEE right after your Class 10 exams,you just need to develop a natural interest in Physics, Chemistry and Maths, you need to do a lots of self studies,Build a good timetable and follow it religiously.

    Cheers and Love

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