I am a lazy student.How do I get motivated to study?

  • I am a lazy student.How do I get motivated to study?

  • JEE is not just another exam where a student can expect himself to get a reputed college only by practicing a number of question, JEE requires a student to be much more than just good with concepts

    Consistency: when a student is working on any conceptual difficulties he needs a long sitting period with great focus so the student rectifies his every doubt. A student can not just hope to cope with the competition without being consistent with his preparation.

    Time Management: managing time for different subjects and everything else just so he can practice his work regularly and spare some time to pursue his hobbies, devoting equal quality time managing health, study and leisure activities is also one of many skills an aspirant required to get through the JEE exam.

    Finding More Exercises: Any IIT aspirant can not expect the best result by only working on questions given to him by his coaching class or by different seniors but he must be ready to check every possible exercise to make sure he equip himself better, get questions from your coaching, ask for exercise from students of different coaching classes, visit different online portals like Doubtnut where you can get extra classes for references sample papers and other things.

    Evaluating Your Strengths: Getting conceptual clarity is not the only thing a student needs to pass JEE there is a pattern to attempt the exam where student make sure he attempts questions of subjects he believe he has upper hand in passing on the question which can get you negative marking and this skill set is arguably one of the most important.

    For any talented student learning concepts would not be a hard thing and his calculations can be better escalated and can be more accurate but when it comes to developing mentioned skill sets which without any doubt are more important than just knowing, a person has to be real hard-worker.
    And I believe hard work and dedication beat talent every time its not about how far you have come but how far you are willing to go.

    Mostly students call themselves lazy and try to get out of studies but in reality mostly it is about the confidence with constant failure students starts procrastinating which slowly and steadily makes a person dull and lazy, What I would recommend is, for you to start NCERT doesn’t matter which level of book you are taking you must bring yourself to basics once you start to find problems with your preparation way.
    other than that if you ever get stuck oon any doubt which you feel is distracting you, you can always use DOUBTNUT WHATSAPP ASSISTANCE on the number 8400400400 and get solution of your each and every doubt, within seconds, and for your conceptual difficulties you can always visit DOUBTNUT App and get it sorted.
    I hope My Answer helped you.

  • During my 12th standard:

    That’s when I really got to know what JEE is and what is it like to crack it. (I know was kinda stupid).

    Started off very scared as I had huge pressure from my father that we have to crack it no matter what.

    Started being scared and confused all the time.

    Lost all the interest and became a stupid person.

    Lots of pressure on the exam day as my father was standing outside the exam hall after the end of examination and I knew what he would ask and say.

    Result: Terrible rank of 2.5L

    During my drop year:

    Went to stay away from my parents.

    Wasn't very interested at first but soon realized that I have to study for the sake of getting into any college.

    Studied well and prepared maximum stuffs on my own.

    My father was there again on the date of examination and again the pressure was too high I completed the test and was too scared to say anything as I might get scolded.

    When he went back to Delhi leaving us in hostel I called him and told him that I might not qualify and got a reply as expected.

    He scolded so much that I totally lost myself felt as a failed person and lost all my appetite. Was so empty that couldn’t study anything for 1 month and ended up screwing all the exams.

    Results were: Qualified mains.

    Rank: 1.1L

    During my college first year:

    I just wanted to feel what its like to give JEE without pressure from anyone and to give for yourself.

    Prepared by online resources. Took part in college projects, fests, went on trips, enjoyed whole year and studied well whenever I had time.

    On the day of JEE 2018. Asked one of my college senior to take me to the center. Reached there 15 min before, and all the way I was smiling and making jokes with him. Unlike my father who always took me an hour before and kept on telling me the entire way if I don’t crack it won’t be good for me.

    Gave paper with relaxed mind.

    After paper went on lunch and enjoyed the rest of my day.

    Results came: Mains Qualified

    Rank: 85K

    You see the difference in all the three times! I am sure you did. Now you know how you should do it.

    Love and Cheers!

    Vartika Singh

  • Here are some tips that will help you in getting motivated to study :

    • Don’t do all your studying the night before.I say never! Instead spread it out, review class materials several times a week, and focus on one topic at a time.

    • Find a comfortable place to study with good lighting and few distractions. Avoid studying in bed, as it will be too tempting to take a nap.

    • Get plenty of sleep. Generally people need at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Your brain needs this time to recover and organize information to strengthen its memory.Students normally try to burn the midnight few days before.Please dont do that.Why not start studying from before when you still have time?

    • Carefully choose what you do during your down time. Relaxing your mind is important during study breaks, but TV and video games don’t allow the mind to relax properly.

    • Study with the sound of your own voice. If you’re going to class (and you should be), you might as well make the time you spend taking notes count. When you get the due date for a test, record yourself reading your notes that you took in class, and be sure to include any of your own personal commentary to better understand the material. This takes very little time (depending on how fast/slow you read your notes), and then later when you’re walking to and from class, you can pop your earbuds in and listen to the sweet sounds of portable studying. Now any time you are just going about basic, mundane activities – showering, doing laundry, cleaning – can also be spent studying. Multitasking at its finest

    • You reach for your phone at least a hundred times a day , so why not let it help you do some studying? Make your phone background or lock screen into a study guide. Put formulas, keywords, or class material that you need to know front and center. Every time you go to pick up your phone, you’ll be confronted with the study material, and have a very mini-study session available to you in your pocket at all times.

    • Know that Time flies-yes, my dear Learn the value of time.Its not about having time,Its about making the most of time.

    All the best !!

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