Which book should I use for JEE Mains Chemistry prep that includes Organic, Physical and Inorganic together?

  • Which book should I use for JEE Mains Chemistry prep that includes Organic, Physical and Inorganic together?

  • Chemistry is the most scoring subject among PCM, in which JEE aspiring students can get 100% if their foundation in the concepts is strong. Most of the questions are comparatively easier in the Chemistry section than the other subjects in IIT JEE.

    The different parts of chemistry have a slightly different approach which is to be followed. In the case of organic chemistry practicing the chemical equations, reactions and mechanism will help you out. For physical chemistry, you need good conceptual knowledge and regular practice. In the case of organic chemistry, you need to be good at memorizing. Learning and practicing the way out for this section. In this article, we will provide you all the information regarding how to prepare Chemistry for IIT JEE Exam

    If scoring higher is your goal, follow the following steps to ensure that you leave no stone unturned in your endeavor to crack IIT JEE Chemistry:

    • Focus on all 3 parts – Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry.

    • Periodic Table is a must-to-know.

    • Understand the complete reaction mechanism.

    • Learn the formulas thoroughly.

    • Give extra attention to d- block elements, f-block elements, and coordination compounds.

    • Make personal notes
      And when it comes to choosing books for JEE chemistry, then choosing the right books is an integral part of your preparation. There are very few books in the market that will actually help you in your preparation.
      Here is a list of chemistry books that I think will really help you in your preparation.

    • NCERT

    • NCERT exemplar

    • Modern ABC

    I think these are the best books in the market right now for your preparation of JEE Mains as well as Advanced.

    All the best for your preparation.
    I hope it helps.

    You can also watch the following video for any further help:)

  • The answer is your NCERT books. The chemistry NCERT is more than enough for you to clear any competitive examination. Lets break up the syllabus.

    Physical chemistry: The physical chemistry involves mostly numerical but to solve numerical questions, you first need to form your base and that is very well done by the NCERT book. So first read your NCERT book and clear all the concepts and then move on to the numerical part. For numerical questions , the NCERT book won’t be enough and you need to solve some extra questions to able to work at the JEE level.
    Organic chemistry: The NCERT book is enough for studying the organic chemistry. All the topic are covered and even the back questions are good. The only thing that’s extra that you will need to do is any MCQ book that gives you a large question bank and enough practice of the questions.
    Inorganic chemistry: The NCERT book is completely enough for this. The back exercise is good. The theory is well explained. Concept also becomes good once you cover your NCERT. You will even be able to solve MCQs with it.
    So to sum up all the books you need would be: NCERT + Any book with physical chemistry numericals + Any MCQ practice book

    Watch this Doubtnut video to get a more clear idea:

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