How many IITs are there in india?

  • How many IITs are there in india?

  • The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are autonomous public institutes of higher education, located in India.

    They are governed by the Institutes of Technology AcT, 1961 which has declared them as institutions of national importance.

    Each IIT is autonomous, linked to the others through a common council (IIT Council), which oversees their administration.

    As of 2018, the total number of seats for undergraduate programs in all IITs is 11,279.

    There are 23 IITs.

    Here is the list of IITs, with the year in which they were established:

    IIT Khargpur -1951
    IIT Bombay -1958
    IIT Madras -1959
    IIT Kanpur -1959
    IIT Delhi -1961
    IIT Guwahati -1994
    IIT Roorkee -2001
    IIT Ropar -2008
    IIT Bhubaneswar -2008
    IIT Gandhinagar -2008
    IIT Hyderabad -2008.
    IIT Jodhpur -2008
    IIT Patna -2008
    IIT Indore -2009
    IIT Mandi -2009
    IIT (BHU) Varanasi -2012
    IIT Palakkad -2015
    IIT Tirupati -2015
    IIT Dhanbad -2016
    IIT Bhilai -2016
    IIT Goa -2016
    IIT Jammu -2016
    IIT Dharwad -2016
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