Is IIT Delhi CSE best in india?

  • Is IIT Delhi CSE best in india?

  • Well dude,

    With IIT Delhi being selected as the best IIT in QS University rankings, one can expect IITD CSE to be the best in India. The professors and research work done in computer science department is also very good. As far as placements are concerned, the average package is pretty much same in IITD and IITB. So, I would suggest that you look for factors apart from academics and placements while making your choice from IITB CSE or IITD CSE.


    IITD has the best and the biggest techfest and cultural fest in India. However, IITD is situated at the heart of Delhi and is near Hauz Khas (which is the Hub of nightlife in Delhi).



    The concept of IIT was first introduced by Sir Nalini Ranjan Sarkar, then member of Education on Viceroy's executive council. Following his recommendations, the first Indian Institute of Technology was established in the year 1950 in Kharagpur. In his report, Shri Sircar had suggested that such Institutes should also be started in different parts of the country. The Government having accepted these recommendations of the Sircar Committee decided to establish more Institutes of Technology with the assistance of friendly countries who were prepared to help.


    For CS, it is around 15 lakh per year. Some studs at CS get crores of package from US companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter.

    For the rest of the departments, it is 7 lakh per year average. Some studs from these departments go into consulting and get above average package.

    Nowadays some students take a corporate job for 1–2 years, save up some money and prepare for civil services.

    Newspapers only show CS topper’s package. This makes people think everyone gets crores of rupees per year after IIT. It is not the case.

    PS: CS is the future as more and more people get connected to the Internet. Becoming a coder for a hotshot company should be your aim.


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