Where can I ask chemistry doubts?

  • Where can I ask chemistry doubts?

  • Hi!

    When the answers and solutions to any of your doubts,ranging from class 6th to any of the country's toughest competitive exams is just a picture away, why would you wanna go anywhere else.

    Doubtnut is the app for you. You can download it from the playstore or go to the site directly. All you have to do is click a picture of your doubts and send it on the number given on the app and you'll be provided with a solution video instantly.
    This app is a great study buddy for your late night studying sessions when if a doubt arises , you can solve it instantly instead of waiting for the next morning till you meet your teachers or friends who could help you.

    Apart from that you can obviously refer to NCERT book if you feel like reading(although with the videos by Doubtnut,you will not need anything else as the our videos provide and in depth analysis and explanations of your every doubt).

    NCERT is like the most basic yet most important book for pretty much all subjects. Before moving to any book, NCERT should be read and studied well for any exam.

    I hope my answer helped.
    All the best!!

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