Which part of JEE Advanced 2019 was most difficult among Physics, Chemistry and Maths?

  • Which part of JEE Advanced 2019 was most difficult among Physics, Chemistry and Maths?


    Well, if you have given JEE Advanced 2019, then you might have faced some difficulty in the MATHS section. In fact, after a detailed analysis of JEE Advanced 2019 by many experienced experts including me and from the reviews of students who have appeared in JEE Advanced 2019, it is estimated that the difficulty level of the JEE Advanced 2019 this time was exceptionally tough as compared to the JEE Advanced 2018 that held last year. By the way, the maths section was the toughest part, while the physics section was also the trickiest part. But, on the other hand, the chemistry section was not that much tough. Let's jump to a sectionwise detailed analysis of JEE Advanced 2019:-


    • Physics was moderate.

    • In Physics, most of the questions were from the 12th standard syllabus.

    • Most of the questions were tricky in nature.


    • The chemistry was the easiest.

    • There were fewer questions from Physical Chemistry.

    • Organic and Inorganic Chemistry had balanced questions.

    • The chemistry was relatively easier.


    • The difficulty level of Mathematics ranged from moderate to tough

    • Mathematics questions were calculative and tricky in nature.

    • Questions from Matrices and Differential Equations were asked in the Mathematics section.

    • It is estimated after a long and detailed analysis that IIT Roorkee provided very hard nuts to crack in the form of maths and physics questions in JEE Advanced 2019.

    For more detailed video analysis of the JEE Advanced 2019, watch the adjoined video by Doubtnut:-


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