In which college can I get CSE if I have a 57,000 rank in the JEE Mains?

  • In which college can I get CSE if I have a 57,000 rank in the JEE Mains?

  • Well, with a 57,000 rank it’s almost impossible to get CSE in any reputed college. You can very well forget the government colleges already. So let’s just focus on the private colleges you can still get.

    Some good private colleges that you still might get with this rank would be Thapar University and the Jaypee Noida. I think these 2 colleges will give you admission in the CSE branch. Also you can consider the Dual degree programs.

    Some colleges will offer the dual degree programs too for which, the cut off is generally very low. You do not need a good rank for that. The dual degree program will give you the degree and the MBA degree within 5 yrs of study. I think you can go for that program.

    Now, there are some more colleges that might give you admission. You can check that here.

    Best Colleges as per JEE Mains & Advance Rank

    Here you just need to enter your rank, your category and your state and you will get a list of colleges that you are eligible for.

    I hope it helps.

  • First of all congrats for clearing one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in INDIA. Well, 57k is quite a good rank. If you will be lucky enough you can also slip into any IIIT or NIT but you won’t get CSE in such institutes. Anyways you can get good private colleges or universities on such rank with CSE. Over and all its quite a great achievement. To check the possible colleges you might get at this rank with CSE branch, you can check on DoubtNut site. For your convenience, the link is attached below:-

    You can also watch the attached video by DoubtNut on how to predict best colleges on the basis of your JEE Mains Rank:-

    I hope it will solve your doubt. Please upvote if you like this.

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