Why should someone choose IIT Kanpur over other IITs?

  • Why should someone choose IIT Kanpur over other IITs?

  • Here are my views on what makes IITK stand out:

    1. Alumni:
    IITK can boast of producing a plethora of individuals who have dynamically influenced the world in thier own ways.

    2. Campus:
    IITK has a sprawling lush green campus where you are in constant synchronicity with nature. You may find many peacocks as well roaming around in the beautiful halls here.

    3. Academics:
    Yes, IITK may be infamous for the pressure load. But, let me tell you it is one of the most liberal and student friendly IIT. We have no compulsory attendance (though, rumors are that it may not remain the same from the next sem 😞 ) Not to mention 24 hour internet access - No LAN Ban! 🙂

    4. Life:
    The campus is very lively, and there is a huge variety of activities going on. There is a very rich culture in fields as varied as dance, music to science and technology. There is something going on for every individual in campus.

    5. Gymkhana:
    The gymkhana of IITK has a rigorous selection procedure and the individuals who qualify are indeed dedicated and passionate enough to work for the students benefit.

    6. Festivals:
    Antaragni and Techkriti are among the best in the country. For me, as a fresher what I relish the most is my first Antaragni. Unlike Bombay and Delhi, our festivals are usually held in a time when most of the campus junta is in campus and not during holidays 😛 .

    7. City Life:
    I know most people would argue that IITK does not enjoy the ambience that a metro city provides you with. But, believe me life in IITK is beautiful in it's own way. For most of us, who are from smaller towns, the cheesy metro life is not as soothing as a simple chai at 'MT' or say, dinner at a dhaba.

    8. Counselling Service:
    IITK might be infamous for a few suicides. But, the efforts taken by counselling service to ease out the stress from the students are commendable. The whole structure is unique and the orientation program immensely helps to acclimatize the students with their new home quickly.

    9. Air Strip:
    Approximately 1000m long, capable of handling single engine aircraft (Cessna, Piper, Saratoga) and gliders.

    10. Bonding among students:
    We have the special culture of calling our seniors by name, probably because people believe that it'll help them connect to each other more freely. Apart from the special senior-junior relationship, the connection among students of the same batch is also extremely strong. The 'bhai' culture, the 'wing' bakaiti, the 'bulla' sessions are some of the things that keep all the students closely knitted in an inseparable bond.

    These are just a few of those things that came to my mind. There may be plenty more reasons. 🙂

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