How can I get 160/360 in the JEE Main 2020?

  • How can I get 160/360 in the JEE Main 2020?

  • Well,

    I don’t know why hope for 160. Let me make it clear, 160 might land you to rank near 60k according to 2019. my friend scored 262/360 in JEEM 2019 with the hardest shift and still got 3.6k

    Not here to give you false hope…. So chill and study hard. If you think u will do 160 marks u will land upgetting 120s.. So be focused for 240+ … u might land 180+

    Resources:( for mains)


    DC Pandey ( every topic )( more than sufficient)

    P. Bahadur


    R.D Sharma
    Das Gupta
    SL Loney
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