How is Mtech mechanical in IIT Hyderabad?

  • How is Mtech mechanical in IIT Hyderabad?

  • IIT Hyderabad Mechanical department has 3 streams. Machine Design, Fluid and Thermal and Integrated Design and Manufacturing.

    Design Department: Few faculties are very good and few teams are working on very good research work. Placement is best among 3 streams.

    Thermal: Few faculties from this stream are among top researchers in this country. In this stream also research work is very good. In case of research work better compared to other two streams. Placement is not so good.

    Manufacturing: Actually it is manufacturing stream, but to make it more industry oriented stream they have added few design courses like FEM, CFD. Facilities in this stream are very egoistic. Research wise also not so bad. Placement is also average.

    IIT Hyderabad is having collaboration with Japanese universities. So, after MTech if you are interested to do PhD in Japan, you will get seat easily and PhD in Japan is also a very good option. Overall IITH is good.

    I hope this helps you.

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