Where can I ask chemistry doubts?

  • Where can I ask chemistry doubts?

  • HEy!

    Doubts are meant to be cleared at the instance they appear. When remaining unsolved, they create hindrance in the further understanding of the topic.

    You can ask your Chemistry doubts on the Doubtnut app.

    Earlier, it offered only maths doubts solutions. Now, it is for all three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

    While doing self-study, wherever and whenever you face doubt, just click a photo of the questions and send on the app on the app. You will instantly get its video solution.

    You will also find the solutions of all the reputed books of Physics and Chemistry.

    Here is the link :

    Mathematics Solutions For CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE & CENGAGE Preparation || Doubtnut. https://doubtnut.com/



  • There are number of resources which can actually help you prepare yourself better, what matters is actually how you are approaching the subject, and believe me, your approach to a subject can make your preparation much easier, there are some things which I can suggest which I believe would make preparing chemistry much easier for you.

    To begin with, I believe today, online portals are providing one of the best education ther is today portals like Unacademy, Byjus are really helping students to get the right education, I have seen every website and online portal which could provide people with good content for preparation and I found the Doubtnut app to be helpful with queries, they provide you with the solutions quick with methods easy to understand and always accurate.

    Doubtnut provides assistance on WhatsApp where you can just click a picture of your doubt and upload it on the group and believe me within seconds the video solution is provided by them. You can get their assistance by simply adding yourself on 8400400400.

    I have compared Doubtnut app with other online portals like Byjus or Unacademy and I have always found Doubtnut app much better than any of them, starting from interface, Doubtnut has made sure that user interface is very professional and easy quick links on the app makes it easier for you to search and execute your learning process really easy.

    Other than this you can visit your teachers, ask doubts from your friends or help them clear their doubts, you can also go through come books for chemistry which will help you immensely with your concepts and help you give a strong sitting time which eventually help you make a habit to be patient. Books are without any doubt the best way anyone can prepare and following I have mentioned the best books you can get in the market to achieve your goal:

    New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry: for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced) Vol-1 and Vol-2: the best book for physical chemistry for any competitive exam that you will find in any market or so

    Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by: one of the best book given by RC Mukherjee is one of the top book for clearing any competitive exam

    Numerical Chemistry 22/e: P Bahadur has given this one of the best book for student looking to crack JEE, and this book has been recommended by many top rankers

    Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison: This is the best possible book for organic chemistry and students sometimes opt for OP Tondon and I believe this book can be given preference over any other book for organic chemistry

    Concise Inorganic Chemistry: by JD Lee a great book for inorganic chemistry. This book will help you to achieve the conceptual knowledge of the subject rather than encouraging cramming of different topics

    Other than chemistry if you have any doubt for mathematics or Physics you can visit Doubtnut app and get the best help for absolutely no charge at all, you can just visit the app start your course without any money transaction and you get the best video lectures without any cost of charge.

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