What is the best way to practice problems for JEE Main and Advanced?

  • What is the best way to practice problems for JEE Main and Advanced?

  • Hey dude,

    Now it will be good to attempt some online test series. There are many websites which offers their test series. and for any doubt u can go through Doubtnut.

    The UI is simple and questions are 100% relevant to JEE Mains & JEE Advanced.

    See the detailed answer for the test series which I answered to another student few weeks ago.

    Its on you how you use your wisdom and experience to choose the best test series.

    Not necessarily the most famous one is the best. Explore and ultimately choose the best.

    As far as I am concerned I can give you little guidance on how to choose a good test series as I was also in your place couple of years ago.

    While opting for any test-series, you need to evaluate the following points.

    Test series should be relevant to the JEE Advanced exam
    Analysis of your test results
    Provide relevant solution to each question that will allow you to learn from your mistakes and develop your concept accordingly.

    You Should Have Clear Goals:

    Do you want to clear the JEE Main, or qualify for JEE Advanced, or do you want a seat in IIT? You have to be very clear about your goals if you want to be able to plan for them. You don’t need to study the entire syllabus to crack the JEE.

    Be Mindful Of The Important Chapters

    Here is the important part. The time left does not affect your preparation strategy!

    This is because your preparation will always only depend on which are the easy chapters with the highest weightage. You can download a pdf of the chapters distributed by weightage and difficulty (input).

    We, at Doubtnut always up for solve your query 🙂

  • JEE is not just like any other examination, student cannot expect themselves to be part of top tier colleges for engineering if they have not prepare it in the right way, without any doubt it is one of the most complex and competitive exam we have on the face of earth. No, student can leave his selection on fate, one must not think he is ready to be part of the most prestigious examination in India after merely attempting a set number of questions, JEE requires a person to be much more than to be able to just solve questions.

    There are certain traits which one needs to follow to be able to get his way around the examination and get through the examination.

    Consistency: when a student is working on any conceptual difficulties he needs a long sitting period with great focus so the student rectifies his every doubt. A student can not just hope to cope with the competition without being consistent with his preparation.

    Time Management: managing time for different subjects and everything else just so he can practice his work regularly and spare some time to pursue his hobbies, devoting equal quality time managing health, study and leisure activities is also one of many skills an aspirant required to get through the JEE exam.

    Finding More Exercises: Any IIT aspirant can not expect the best result by only working on questions given to him by his coaching class or by different seniors but he must be ready to check every possible exercise to make sure he equip himself better, get questions from your coaching, ask for exercise from students of different coaching classes, visit different online portals like Doubtnut where you can get extra classes for references sample papers and other things.

    Evaluating Your Strengths: Getting conceptual clarity is not the only thing a student needs to pass JEE there is a pattern to attempt the exam where student make sure he attempts questions of subjects he believe he has upper hand in passing on the question which can get you negative marking and this skill set is arguably one of the most important.

    For any talented student learning concepts would not be a hard thing and his calculations can be better escalated and can be more accurate but when it comes to developing mentioned skill sets which without any doubt are more important than just knowing, a person has to be real hard-worker.

    Hard work and dedication beat talent every time, it is never about how far one has come but how far one is willing to go. If you wish to be considered among the most sharpest minds which clear JEE you need to be able to move ahead no matter what, along with dedication and hard work one has to be smart enough to know where to invest that dedication, smart work is equally important for an JEE aspirant.

    You can crack IIT JEE 2020. You just need to follow the instructions I have given you and create a proper strategy and follow that strategy with motivation. The key behind success in the IIT JEE is not covering all topics but mastering all the topics covered.

    If any doubts arise or you need study material for IIT JEE preparation feel free to go on our Doubtnut app. There you will find solutions to many problems and you can also get video solutions through our whatsapp bot, you only need to send us a picture of your doubt and you will get a video solution for it in seconds.

    Remember, We at Doubtnut are always there for you.

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