Which are the best books I should refer to in order to crack the NEET for all subjects?

  • Which are the best books I should refer to in order to crack the NEET for all subjects?

  • Hi!
    Following are the list of books you can follow for NEET preparation.
    PLease keep in mind, do not try to do do a lot of books together. Do NCERT first, it;s the most important book. Only after completing NCERT move onto any of the following books, 1 book per subject.


    So ,for biology, NCERT would suffice if you study it thoroughly.

    But if you still wanna do anything other than tha, the following books might help you:

    • Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman

    • Objective Biology by Dinesh

    • NCERT Fingertips

    Try not to follow many books, instead stick to one or two good books and study them thoroughly and you’ll be good to go!


    • PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY - K S Verma and O P Tandon can be referred for Physical chemistry. The theory in K S Verma is really helpful and the book already comes with solutions in it.

    • ORGANIC CHEMISTRY- NCERT is sufficient for the theory part of Organic chemistry. Although for solving problems Himanshu Pandey and M S Chauhanare good options . K S Verma and O P Tandon are easier alternates for the aforementioned books. All the books but O P Tandon come with solutions it. Although Himanshu Pandey and M S Chauhan have more tough and quality questions, K S Verma has more number of questions which cover all short concepts of organic chemistry.

    • INORGANIC CHEMISTRY - For the theory part of inorganic chemistry, NCERT would suffice. NCERT FINGERTIPS is another books which is very important for NEET . It covers small and important concepts of inorganic chemistry as well as organic chemistry.

    For further reference the following books will be helpful-

    • Morrison and Boyd for Organic chemistry

    • Concise Inorganic chemistry by J.D. Lee

    • Objective Chemistry (Set of 3 Vols) (S. Dinesh & Co.)

    • Modern’s ABC of Chemistry Class 11 & 12

    • Arihant Organic Chemistry

    • Dinesh Chemistry Inorganic

    • Also practice a lot of MCQ questions and previous year question papers thoroughly.


    Physics has been the rank deciding factor for the past 2–3 years as the calculation level has increased . so make sure you practice enough questions.

    • H C VERMA and D C PANDEY are probably the best book you can follow for your NEET preparations.

    • These books build a strong theory base. If your theory is strong then it’ll be easy for you to solve pretty much any question .

    • Another thing, D C PANDEY is better than H C VERMA in terms of the quality of questions . So if you wanna solve good quality question while building a good base of concepts, then D C Pandey is the book for you.

    Other than that, you can follow

    • AIIMS Explorer by MTG Editorial Board for more objective questions.

    • Fundamentals of Physics-Halliday, Resnik and Walker which is good for learning in depth theory .

    • Along with the above mentioned books, solve as many previous year question papers as possible, and you’ll be good to go:)

    Hope this was helpful.

    All the best!!

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