Is IIT Kharagpur better than IIT Kanpur?

  • Is IIT Kharagpur better than IIT Kanpur?

  • Both are almost same .

    Qs ranking 2020

    IIT KGP-281

    IIT K - 291

    NIRF Ranking

    IIT KGP - 4

    IIT K - 5

    CAMPUS -

    IIT KGP - 2100 acre lush green campus

    Academics -

    IIT Kanpur

    (But it is more easier at IIT KGP to maintain a good CGPA )

    Location -

    Both are not in urban areas. But area inside campus is definitely a city inside both IITs.

    Placement -

    Almost same

    Alumni Network-

    IIT Kgp >IIT Kanpur

    (Sundar pichai , arvind kejriwal , vinod gupa ,Rahul jaimini , Ajit hain ) ,Thus more chance to get scholarships to study abroad.

    Campus life

    K = Kgp

    Both have awesome culture due to the old campus.


    Both are unique

    IIT kgp - swedish architect

    IIT kanpur - American architect

    Chose according to proximity to location . You will enjoy your four years at both campus.

    Good Luck !!!

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