Was preparing for the IIT-JEE worth it?

  • Was preparing for the IIT-JEE worth it?

  • Here is the thing. You prepare for something for over 2 years, make it your goal, keep working for it. And when you finally achieve it, then what? What is next? You don’t know. I made this my goal, taking admission in the IIT. I worked for it for over 2 years and made it with a nice rank and CSE in Delhi branch. Now if you ask me if the preparation was worth it? Yeah, it was.

    I mean i got i was working for. I am in one of the most prestigious colleges of our country with a branch that is in highest demand. Don’t get me wrong. I am not being arrogant about it, but sure, i got what so many students desire to get right?

    More than worth, i guess it gave me memories. How i used to prepare for my exams. I was in a school hostel where we were 60 people who lived together. Out of those 60, i think 10 of us were preparing for this exam. We had a study room where everyone was allowed to sit and study in case there was a lot of noise in the room. But we were in 12th and seniors to most other boys so we used to block the room for ourselves and did not let anyone in. 😛 Those were the times.

    Today when i am in an IIT, I miss those times more than anything. How we used to prepare for our exam sitting together and solving questions. We had only one phone with camera which we had kept hidden because cell phones weren’t allowed in the hostel. There we used to search all our doubts. We discovered the Doubtnut app there. We cleared all our doubts on that app.

    These memories are the best part of the preparation. There used to be a lot of pressure. Everyday school and along with that every day studying for the exam. We learned a lot from those.

    I met so many nice people in my journey for this preparation. I met teachers that are gonna be an inspiration for my complete life. Friends who i miss today because i cannot meet them. They are not in Delhi.

    My preparation for IIT JEE was totally worth it. And i do not regret any part of it. My life is good today.

    I hope this is the answer you were looking for.

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