CBSE Improvement Exam: Application Form, Process & Tips to Study

  • Where can i find the CBSE improvement form and what is the process for taking the the CBSE improvement exam ?

  • CBSE improvement exam is a chance given to students who have E grade in boards to improve their scores. Know the form filling process & tips to study.

    Candidates, who have got grades E1 or E2 in any subject or all five subjects are eligible to take the CBSE improvement examination. The main motive of the exam is to improve the performance of weak students in tests. The exam form is available in the month of October and is conducted only for 10th and 12th class.

    Here is the process to fill CBSE improvement exam form in online mode:

    • You have to visit the CBSE official website, there you will find a link to the application form. (only in October)
    • Enter your previous year roll number and examination center code in the text box.
    • Click on proceed and then fill up the required details in the CBSE improvement form.
    • Then you have to make the payment through the online payment gateway.
    • Note down your application number and roll number and click on submit.

    Now here are some tips to study for the CBSE improvement exam:

    • You are giving the improvement exam because you didn't study properly of the board exam and need to improve your score. So first make a list of all the chapters and topics that you didn't study or forgot to study.
    • After that make a time table according to the syllabus and give more importance to those chapters and topic which you omitted to study before.
    • Solve the previous year question paper and compare it with the solutions online to know what you were doing wrong. You can find the previous year papers with solutions on our Doubtnut app and website.
    • Practice daily and make short notes for revision.
    • Solve the whole NCERT book.
    • Do not let your doubts pile up, clear them as soon as possible through the Doubtnut app.
    • Stay motivated and focused and also keep your health in check.
    • Be punctual and study according to your time table, do not waste time.

    I hope you are satisfied by my answer and do well in your improvement exam.

    If you have any doubts, just click a picture of your doubt and send it to us through the Doubtnut app and we will send you the video solution of your doubt instantly.

    Good Luck !!

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