What is the CBSE format for informal letter ?

  • What is the latest CBSE format for informal letter ?

  • Informal letters have an informal and personal tone as they are written to close acquaintances, family, friends, etc. Casual language is used while writing informal letters. And sometimes the letters may even have an emotional undertone. Informal letters are mainly used for personal communication. So they do not have to follow any specific pattern, format or conventions. They can be written as per the writer’s wishes and the requirement of the situation. So the letter is written in a personal fashion in casual unassuming language.

    Here is the general format people use to write informal letter which is accepted by the CBSE board:

    (Senders address)



    (Content/Body of the letter)

    (Signature- Regards, Best wishes, Your loving)

    (Your name)

    So this was the general format for an informal letter. If you have any other doubts feel free to ask them here or go to our Doubtnut app where you will get instant video solution to your doubts.

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