CBSE Improvement Exam

  • What is the CBSE Improvement Exam ?

  • CBSE board has stopped the process of declaring ‘fail’, instead of that, it has introduced an exam to improve the scores of the students. If the candidates attain ‘E1’ or ‘E2’ grade in tests, they are allowed to sit for the CBSE improvement exam. Thus, they can improve their performance in tests. A candidate, who has got grades E1 or E2 in any subject or all five subjects (under scholastic area A) is eligible to take the CBSE improvement examination. As per the scheme of studies designed by the CBSE board, the grade of 6th additional subject is not included in this process. Regular and Patrachar Vidyalaya candidates and private candidates can sit for this test and the detail information is available on the Board’s website. Registration is mandatory for students to appear for this exam. Without registration, candidate cannot appear in the examination, In brief, students, who have obtained grades E1 or E2 in the subjects (excluding 6th additional subject) shall have scope to improve their performance through this examination. Minimum grade D in the five subjects (under scholastic area A) is needed to pursue in the next class.

    After completion of the test, students get a statement that reflects the marks of the improvement examination.Students can download the application form for CBSE Improvement exam online. Held in March, along with your Juniors. You register as a private candidate when appearing for an Improvement Exam, you are allowed a new role number, and are allotted a center near your residence (Within a span of 5-10KM). You get the same Paper as your Juniors get. You don't need to give Practical Exams again, though. Their marks are carried over.

    You can try our Doubtnut app when preparing for the CBSE Improvement Exam, it will help you in clearing your doubts and getting study material and sample papers for the exam.

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