CBSE Board Preparation

  • Can you give me some tips on how to prepare for the CBSE board 12th class examination?

  • CBSE Board 12th Class examination is one of the most important exams in your life because the percentage scored in this exam will make you eligible for different competitive and entrance exams for college like IIT JEE, BITSAT, NEET, etc. It is also included in the eligibility criteria for many high paying jobs. Generally, to be eligible for entrance exams in good colleges and jobs you need to score at least 75% in the 12th Class CBSE Board examination but your aim should be to score above 95% if you want the top colleges and jobs. These days the competition is so high that even 95% is considered less if you want in to a top college or university. So as I said above your aim should be to score more than 95%.

    Here are some preparation tips that you should follow if you want to score a good percentage on the CBSE 12th class board examination:

    • The first thing you should know before starting your preparation is that there is no room for laziness if you want more than 95%, you have to finish what you started and not lose focus.

    • You have to create a time table and follow it diligently without any excuses. You have to have a disciplined routine which should include breaks as well.

    • Start with building your basics and understanding the concepts, cramming things up will not help you in the long run. Use NCERT to build your basics, read it thoroughly and make notes.

    • Try to immediately solve related questions as and when you finish a theory (May it be MCQ or subjective questions)

    • Apart from self study attend school everyday and be engaged in what is being taught in the class.

    • Don't skip a single day without solving questions based on the concepts you study.

    • Once you are done with the chapter, do summarize that chapter and create a chapter map in your mind, this will help you know what exactly you have studied and it will also help you to remember a topic for a long time.

    • When you are done with the NCERT try some reference books for more practice and difficult questions.

    • Learn to present your answer, just knowing the concept is not enough, you should be able to present it on the exam paper in such a manner that the examiner gets impressed by looking at key points of your answer.

    • Finish your entire syllabus 3 months before the exam. In the last 3 months you need to solve previous year papers and give mock test which will tell you where you stand and also help you in improving your speed and accuracy.

    • Now the most important point clear your doubts as soon as possible. You can take the help of your teachers or a more instant solution to that is you can use our Doubtnut app to clear your doubts.

    • Stay motivated, but not overconfident.

    Like i said above you can use our Doubtnut app to help you in your preparation for the CBSE Board. It can be used to clear your doubts as well as to get study material like NCERT solutions, books, previous year papers with solutions, mock test, video lectures, etc. Just give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

    Best of luck and remember,

    We at Doubtnut are always there to help you 🙂

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