CBSE Question Paper

  • Where can i find previous year CBSE question papers with their solutions ? (Preferably past 10 year question papers)

  • Previous year question papers are an essential part of the preparation strategy for students who want to score good marks in exams. They give you the layout of how the actual exam paper will be and in what way the questions will be asked in the exam. Apart from that solving previous year question papers will boost your confidence, increase your knowledge, boost your speed and improve your accuracy.

    There are numerous sources, offline or online from where you can get CBSE previous year question papers for class 10th and class 12th but let me tell you many of these sources either don't have past 10 year papers or don't have solutions or the solutions are wrong/misprinted. But there is no need to worry and search through different sites to get all the past 10 years CBSE question papers with the proper solutions because you can find them on our Doubtnut app and website.

    Now let me tell you why you should choose Doubtnut app over other sources. Doubtnut is an educational app which has a niche in doubt solving, you can find 20,00,000+ questions with solutions on the app and whenever you have a doubt you just need to click a picture of the doubt and upload it through the app and you will get the video solution for your doubt instantly and just for a particular subject but for all subjects like english, maths, biology, physics, chemistry etc. Apart from that the app has a wide range of great study material like books, NCERT solutions, mock test, previous year papers, notes, etc for different examinations like CBSE exam from 8th class to 12th class, IIT JEE, NEET, etc. You can find the past 10 year CBSE previous year papers for class 10th and 12th with their solutions on the app.

    In short it is a great app and you will find whatever you need for your CBSE board preparation in the app, you won't need to go to other sites or apps for different things, its an all in one educational app focused on doubt solving and exam preparation.

    So i recommend you to give the app a try and i promise you that you won't be disappointed.

    Good luck and remember,

    We at Doubtnut are always there to clear your doubts. 🙂

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